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03 Routing Basics





RE-300-E1 ZXR10 Routing Technology——  Basic Routing Principles V1122 ZTE Uniersity !ata "o##unication $roup ZTE University *+,ecties %  Router definition and function function %  Basic conception %  &or'ing principle o( router  %  )P routing process ZTE University Router e(inition.1/ Router—— 'in o( co#puter eice use to interconnect netor'  Router #ust hae the (olloing (eatures ultiple three layer inter(aces to interconnect i((erent netor's )#ple#ent the protocol up to the netor' layer  4ae the (unction o( storing 、 (oraring 、 path-(ining ZTE University Router (unctions.2/ The core (unction o( router is interconnecting netor's an ata (oraring5 routing : +uiling route ta+le an an re(reshing sitching : (oraring pac'et +eteen netor's5 )nsulate +roacast pac'ets , e(ine access rule5 "onnecting i((erent 'ins o( netor's5 Rate aapting +eteen netor's5 ZTE University *+,ecties %  Router e(inition an (unction %  Basic conception %  &or'ing principle o( router  %  )P routing process ZTE University Basic concepts % route protocol % routing protocol % % % % % % % % % routing ta+le #etric connecte route static route yna#ic route e(ault route istance the longest #atching principle "lass(ul 6 classless routing ZTE University Routing protocol an route protocol E0 S0 Network Protocol Connected RIP OSPF Destination Network Exit Inter!ace !ei"0#1 e1"1 e1"2 Route protocol )P Routing protocol R)P7 *8P9 ZTE University Route ta+le % The in(or#ation that router nee to (orar ata is store in a ta+le7 calle :route ta+le: % Router chec' the estination aress o( the pac'et7an choose the ne;t hop +ase on the in(or#ation in route ta+le5 % Route ta+le is store in R ZTE University Route ta+le co#position Route ta+le co#position % !estination aress % as'  %  >52>>52>>50 2>>52>>52>>52>> 2>>52>>52>>52>2 2>>52>>52>>52>> $ )nter(ace *ner pri 10505051 10505051 [email protected]5051 [email protected]5051 (ei?061 (ei?061 e1?1 e1?1 irect 0 aress 0 irect 0 aress 0 #etric 0 0 0 0 !irectly connecte route &hen netor' aress aress is con(igure an the status o( the inter(ace is ali7 the netor' con(igure on this netor' ill appear in the route ta+le an associate ith this inter(ace  , the route ill change ith the status o( the inter(ace5 ZTE University 8tatic route con(iguration St$% Network Network Network SO & ' & ip r!te ($is is a !ni%irectina# r!te) t$ere s$!#% "e an ppsite r!te cnfi&!re% n t$e c!nterpart r!ter. ZTE University !e(ault route con(iguration E;a#ple St$% Network Network SO Network ' & & ip r!te 0.0. 0.0 Defa!#t r!te is cnfi&!re% cnfi&! re% n t$e e&ress r!ter in a st !" netwrk. ZTE University !yna#ic route O,+ *I+ O,+ *I+ Routing protocol is a so(tare process running on the r  outer5 outer5 )t ill e;change routing rou ting in(or#ation ith other ro uters  , stuying route in(or#ation o( netor' not irec tly connecte an a,usting the route in(or#ation hen t opology changes5 ZTE University Route priority ,e#ect t$e r!te t$at $as t$e $i&$est pririt t t$e r!te ta"#e *I+ O,+ fei_1/1 tice t$e cmparisn f r!te pririt m!st "e "etween i%entica# r!tes. ZTE University fei_1/ fei_1/ *!te ta"#e !e(ault route priority Ro$te Ro$te So$rce So$rce De!a$ De!a$lt ltt riorit riori t r iorit De!a$lt De!a$l riorit riori t Connected inter inter!ace !ace Static ro$te ZTE University 0 1 External &)P OSPF 20 110 IS*IS RIP ,1- ,2 11+ 120 Internal &)P Secial Secial /For /For iinner nner rocess rocess 200 2++ 2++ 9loat static route !ei"1#1 e1"2#1.1 DDN Network serial"3#1 PSN 4o to con(igure static route hen there are reunant lin'sD ZTE University 9loat static route !ei"1#1 e1"2#1.1 DDN Network serial"3#1 PSN ZXR10.con(ig/Cip route 10505050 2>>505050 e1?26151 ZXR10.con(ig/Cip route 10505050 2>>505050 serial?361 > ZTE University ongest #atch principle ZXR10Csho ip route )P= Routing Ta+le !est as' c 1505050 1515151 2505050 2515151 3505050 3515151 10505050 10515050 10515150 0505050 2>>505050 2>>52>>52>>52>> 2>>505050 2>>52>>52>>52>> 2>>505050 2>>52>>52>>52>> 2>>505050 2>>52>>5050 2>>52>>52>>50 0505050 $ )nter(ace *ner pri #etri 1515151 1515151 2515151 2515151 3515151 3515151 1515151 2515151 3515151 1515151 (ei?16151 (ei?16151 (ei?16152 (ei?16152 (ei?16153 (ei?16153 (ei?16151 (ei?16152 (ei?16153 (ei?16151 irect aress irect aress irect aress osp( static rip static 0 0 0 0 0 0 110 1 120 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 > 0 10515151' ZTE University *+,ecties %  Router e(inition an (unctions %  Basic conception % Working principle of router  %  )P routing process ZTE University Router or'ing principle % Routing (unction : 8tuy an #aintain the netor' topology7prouce topology7prouce an #aintain ro ute ta+le % 9oraring (unction : !ata trans(erring an processing proceure.Receiing ata on one inter(ace7then choose an appropriate inter(ace to sen it out7 incluin g the or' o( (ra#e encapsulation an ecapsulation/ ZTE University Route (unction 8tuy an #aintain the netor' topology #echanis# is reg are as the (unction o( routing5)t reFuires seeral +asic in (or#ation : % &hat 'in o( protocols to route ? % )s the estination netor' aress in the route ta+leD % &hich inter(ace to sen out the pac'et ? % &hat is the ne;t hop aress ? ZTE University 9oraring 9unction 9ra#e chec'ing an cache the  pac'et ssociate estination aress ith the ne;t hop inter(ace "reate the (ra#e hea ith the  physical aress Pac'et encapsulation an (oraring ZTE University = "o#ing inter(ace = Route ta+le = RP cache ( < ) = aintaine +y routing protocol aintaine +y RP or RRP  process apping list ( &< ) *ut inter(ace Route or'ing process su##ary  route +ase on route priority Routing Routing Routing  process Routing  process  process  process 8earch entry in route ta+le Base on estination aress Route ta+le 9oraring  process ongest #atch  principles Routing protocol stuy  possi+le route7select the  +est route +ase on #etric ZTE University *+,ecties %  Router e(inition an (unctions %  Basic conception %  &or'ing principle o( router  %  IP routing routing process process ZTE University "o##unication in the sa#e netor'