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Aaac Advantages Over Acsr

AAAC advantages




AAAC - All Aluminium Alloy Conductors  AAAC,  AAAC , whic w hich h has h as been in use for severa sev erall decad d ecades es abroad, abr oad, has been adopted adop ted now in India Ind ia as well. The alloy is based on Aluminum - Magnesium - Silicon System (Al-Mg-Si).  Alumin  Alu minum um Alloy All oy Conduct Con duct or is a generi gen eric c name rather rat her than tha n the name of a particu part icular lar conductor. The group generally includes:      AAAC - High H igh strengt str ength h compr co mpr ising isi ng heat h eat treatab tre atable le alumin alu minum um allo a lloy y wires wi res  AAAC - High H igh Conduct Con ductivi ivity ty compri com prising sing of heat h eat treata tre atable ble alumin alu minum um alloy all oy wir w ires es  Alumin  Alu minum um Conduct Cond uctor or Alloy Allo y Reinfor Rein for ced compr com prisi ising ng of EC grade gra de aluminu alum inum m wires wir es and high strength aluminum alloy wires with adequate conductivity  Aerial  Aer ially ly Bunched Bunc hed Conduct Cond uctors ors compri com prisin sing g of compact comp acted, ed, bare bar e -insul -in sulated ated,, high hig h strengt str ength h aluminum alloy conductor as neutral messenger wire bunched with three to five insulated EC grade aluminum phase conductors and lighting conductors.  ADVANTA  ADVA NTAGES GES OF AAAC 1. CORROSION RESISTANCE:  RESISTANCE:   AAAC exhibits excellent corrosion resistance especially in coastal and polluted industrial areas due to absence of steel core. 2. LOWER POWER LOSSES:   Since AAAC is homogeneous (with all strands of  Alum inum Alloy) All oy) with no steel ste el compone com ponent, nt, its resist res istanc ance e is lesser les ser in compar com pariso ison n to that of ACSR of same size. 3. HIGHER AMPACITY: AAAC AMPACITY:  AAAC can carry at least 15-20% extra current as compared to ACSR of same size. 4. LONGER LIFE: Experience in foreign countries shows that All Aluminum Alloy Conductors are in service for more than 60 years, which is about twice the life of  ACSR Conduct Cond uctors ors.. 5. SURFACE HARDNESS: The surface hardness of AAAC is 80 BHN as compared to 35 BHN of ACSR. This reduces damage to its surface while handling, and therefore it leads to lesser corona losses and radio interf erence at EHV. 6. THERMAL STABLITY:  AAAC are stable sta ble up to 90˚C against ACSR which are stable up to 75˚C. 7. HIGHER STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO: Since AAAC has higher strength to weight ratio, span can be increased from 2 to 15% resulting in overall reduction of cost in towers / supports and other accessories i n transmission line systems. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF AAAC WIRES : Melting Temperature : 662˚C Density : 2.7 kg/dm³ Co-efficient of Linear Expansion per ˚C : 23 x 10 -6 Brinnell Hardness : 80 BHN Electric al resistivity at 20˚C Standard : 0.0325 ohm-mm²/m Maximum : 0.0328 ohm-mm²/m Elongation : Min. 4% (present in 200 mm) Electrical conductivity at 20˚C In Percentage IACS Standard : 53.0 Minimum : 52.6 Ultimate Tensile Strength (Minimum) : 31.5 kg/ mm² Modulus of elasticity in kg/ mm² Initial : 5200 to 5600 Final : 6250 to 6450