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Aerobic Exercise For Losing Weight




down towards the end of your exercise by reducing speed. Time is the most important factor and not the speed or resistance level for long term benefit. Yoga & Meditation help to reduce anxiety, develop and improve stress tolerance, improve flexibility, physical and mental efficiency. TM –Transcendental Meditation has proved to produce an overall reduction of stress and is effective along with exercise in reversing the aging process. Massage is an effective tool to relax your body and improve the circulatory system. In certain conditions such as arthritis relief from pain is as effective as the cure. Most important the benefits of a massage on a Massage chair give you the f eeling of goodness and contentment and are an effective tool in relieving and reducing stress. Healthy Diet & Nutrition: A. Restri Restricti ction on Free Free Food Food:: Fresh Juices, Clear Soups, Plain Soda, Yogurt diluted with water or buttermilk, Fresh Green Salads and Green leafy vegetables except roots and tubers, Fruits with Skins, Sprouted grams and pulses and Whole wheat flour and its products. B. Limite Limited d Quan Quantit tity y Food Food:: Mayonnaise and other sauces twice a week, lean meat, chicken & Fish in limited quantity provided they are boiled, steamed, roasted or baked and not fried four times a week. Egg yolks not more than twice a week including those used in the cooking of cakes and desserts. Skimmed Milk not more 500ml a day and if not skimmed milk 300ml a day. day. Fewer intakes of sugar and all food to be cooked with the minimum required salt. C. Food Food items items to be avoide avoided: d: A] Fats such as butter, ghee, peanut butter, coconut oil and vanaspathi. B] puddings, cakes, pastries and ice creams. C] beef, bacon, red meat, crab and shrimps. D] nuts, almonds, cashews and pickles made in oil. E] canned food items, soda- bicarbonate, proprietary drinks drinks such as chocolate drinks and soft drinks containing sodium benzoate. Always make your breakfast the largest meal and your dinner the lightest meal of the day. Eat your salad before your meal and have fresh fruits. With regular exercise and physical activity, good nutrition and positive thinking you could avoid the effects of negative stress and live a healthy life. MASSAGE CHAIRS & MASSAGE ACCESSORIES FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT & PAIN RELIEF Stress today has been documented as one of the major causes to a range of il lnesses and disorders. Stress can be physical, social and emotional. Stress causes the heart to beat faster, faster, the blood pressure to go up, the muscles to become tense and the arteries to go into spasms. As stress eludes definition and is highly individual it could be acute, chronic or intermittent. Stress Management is the core ingredient in any type of management towards stress related disorders. The benefit of Massage in Stress control: Massage has proved beneficial in improving the circulatory system and give relief from pain even in acute syndromes such as arthritis. The various functions such as kneading, tapping, rolling and vibration that are incorporated in the function mode of a massage chair help the end user to feel good and positive at the same time improving the circulatory system. Massage is today being used worldwide to control anxiety and depression, elevate the senses to feel pleasure and help in combating the negative feelings both psychosomatic and psychological. Basically Massage is a tool used with medication to combat the effects of negative stress.