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Case Studies In Management: Theory To Practice

This book is a collection of case studies showcasing the embroidery of business ranging from marketing management to human resource management to strategic management to financial management at one...




Case Studies in Management: Theory to Practice Prof Kunal Gaurav Director (Research & Publications) Dhruva College of Management, Hyderabad – 501401, AP, India Dr S Pratap Reddy Founder Chairman Dhruva College of Management, Hyderabad – 501401, AP, India Published and distributed in India by HUMMING WORDS PUBLISHERS Faridabad, INDIA Email: [email protected] CASE STUDIES IN MANAGEMENT: THEORY TO PRACTICE © Dhruva College of Management, Hyderabad – 501401, AP, India. Edited by: Prof Kunal Gaurav & Dr S Pratap Reddy ISBN: 978-81-920730-1-9 First Edition: 2012 All rights reserved with the editors. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise or stored in a database or retrieval system without the prior written permission of the editors. PROLOGUE We are experiencing the waves of globalization in all the walks of our life and teaching pedagogy used at business schools in India is no exception. Today’s business has become more complex and challenging than ever before; teaching pedagogy at business schools has been metamorphosed from teaching centric to learning centric. Management graduates need knowledge, skills and right attitude in a balanced proportion to meet professional challenges of present and future. And this doesn’t depend only on the student’s ability to learn and understand business concepts, but also, to a great extent, on the learning resources and teaching pedagogy they are exposed to. Teaching and training at business schools for professional courses like PGDM/MBA should be done like a fisherman trains his kids to swim. He does not teach them the basics of swimming, but throws them directly into the water to learn swimming on their own. And the fisherman makes sure that the kid does not drown. A person who is trained this way is more likely to become a great swimmer than one who undergoes traditional way of routine coaching. At this backdrop, the case method of teaching has emerged as one of the most effective way of teaching at business schools across the globe. Case studies often recount real life business or management situations that present business executives with a dilemma or uncertain outcome. Case studies are famous for their decision predicament which stimulates management students to understand and analyze complex and unforeseen business challenges which help them flourish as effective decision makers in future. A good case is more than just a description. Typically a case is a narrative of certain factual situations in an organization, often involving a decision issue; a challenge, an opportunity, or a problem. A case discussion does offer an opportunity to the students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences. The case method of teaching is an instructional approach that engages students in active dialogue about issues and problems intrinsic to managerial execution. It often helps improve students’ abilities in analyzing and solving problems by encouraging them to develop profound analysis on organizational operations and find out the source of their problems and figure out solutions. Such learning centric teaching method helps students to deepen theoretical understanding and stimulate them to exert their thinking capabilities and creativity. This book is a collection of case studies showcasing the tapestry of business at one place so that it can be referred to by the management teachers, students and practitioners in furtherance of their understanding of various business concepts. The various case studies in this book are intended for general discussion rather than effective handling of a business situation. Editing this book has been a truly rewarding experience to us. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the authors and reviewers for their significant contribution; without their support, this book would not have been possible. We strongly believe that this book “Case Studies in Management: Theory to Practice” will be of great interest to the business community and we hope that it will add to the understanding of learned readers; teachers, students and practitioners in untangling every day business dilemmas. Happy Reading! KUNAL GAURAV S PRATAP REDDY CONTENTS S No. Title of the Case Page No. 1 Nokia: The Troubled King of Indian Handset Market Dr Andal Ammisetti 01 2 The Sweet and Sour Apple: The Case of CEO Strategies at Apple Inc. Dr Praveen Balakrishnan Nair & Ms Quay Ai Leng 11 3 Decision Pending at Learnware Solutions: Marketing ‘Learnware Entrance Excel’ Cris Abraham Kochukalam 15 4 Reliance Industries: Telecom Diversification Dr Subir Sen 27 5 Quality of Work Life Issue: Case of IT Sector Employee Dr Pradeep Kautish 43 6 Montblanc’s Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 241 Pens: A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi! Dr B Shafiulla 53 7 Establishment of a Food Delivery Brand in Siliguri Subrata Ray 59 8 Don’t Beat Them, Join Them K V S Krishnamohan & Dr S V Ramana Rao 69 9 Rebranding Bajaj: Dropping Family Name from its Two Wheeler Segment Ms Pooja Sharma & Ms Deepika MG 73 10 Tyrant Bossism: Loss of Talented Employees Ms Sumita Vyas & Dr D T Manwani 79 11 Viral Marketing Buzzes on Social Media Nitin C Mali & Ms Priyanka S Patil 85 12 TATA’s Gold Plus Marketing Strategy D Surya Narayana Raju & R Shrikanth 89 13 Strike at Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL): Then (2000-2001) and Now (2011) Dr M Sivagnanasundaram & Bidyananad Jha 93 14 A Tryst with the Triumph: India’s March to World Cup Glory Dr Ira Bapna, Ms Gitanjali Shrivastava & Ms Ekta Chitnis 105 15 Agri- Retail Shops at Railway Stations Dr Sanjit Kumar Dash 115 16 Human Conduct Ms Rupali Kumar, Ms Jasmeet Khurana & Nikhil Chaudhary 121 17 An Ethical Dilemma: Cost of Development Amil Rajiv 125 18 Expansion strategy of HK Group, Kolhapur S V Lele 133 19 Delivering Management Education Services Balakrishnan Menon 137 20 New Wine in a Newer Bottle: A Case Study on Haldiram’s New Packaging Strategy Ms Sudipta Chakraborty & Dr Arpita Alvi 149 21 Indian Management Style: Elevation of Luxury to Unrivalled Dimensions Ch Srikanth Verma & V Rana Prathap 155 22 Expansion of an Opportunity or a Threat Anand Ramu Patil 163 23 The Ignored Class: Rich or Poor P Rajashekar Reddy 173 24 The Communication Gap Dr P Asha 179 25 New World Biotech Ltd. Col (Retd) Dr R M Naidu 181 26 Case of MSRTC Vishwas Wadekar 183 27 Indian Consumer Behavior in Festive Times Nitin C Mali 189 28 Irrevocable Effects of Management Decisions Srinivas Pushadapu 195 29 The Resurgence of a High Performer Vijay G Padaguri 199 30 Evaluation of Policy Lapsation in Life Insurance Suresh Chandra & M Radha Krishna 209 31 Global Financial Economic Crisis: Repercussions in India Ms Fatima Vasaya 215 32 Policy Holders Perception towards Insurance: A Case Study of LIC, Nellore Division Shaik Mahaboob Syed 221 33 Thangjam Agro Industries (Likla) - Dreaming Big! Laikangbam Dorendro Singh 231 34 Unrest at Tata Marcopolo: Who was responsible? Prashant U Gujanal 241 35 Is customer relationship management cost effective? Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Tapasya Julka & Ms Sonali Bhardwaj 247 36 Noodle Wars: A Case of Noodles Market Suresh Kamarapu 251 37 The Ethical Dilemma Ms Shashi Tiwari 255 38 Siemens: Creating a High Performance Culture Ms Meghana VP 259