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JUZ (PART) - 5 – wal-muhsanaat [and fortified (married) women…] 5 Prohibited and permitted marriages -- continued. 4:[24] 12 Fight against hypocrisy and hypocrites. 4:[88-91] Permission for marriage with slave girls. 4:[25] 13 The punishment for killing a believer and laws of bloodwit. 4:[92-93] Allah wishes to guide and forgive. 4:[26-28] Investigate properly before jumping to conclusion. 4:[94] Respect the ownership of one another's properties. Avoid heinous sins and do not be jealous. 4:[29-30] 4:[31-32] The ranks of Mujâhideen over the Non-Mujâhideen. 4:[95-96] Laws of inheritance are fixed. 4:[33] Oppressed should migrate if possible. Reward for migration in the cause of Allah. 4:[97-100] Salat-al-Qasr: Shortening of Salah during travel. Salah in the state of war. Salah is obligatory at its prescribed times. 4:[101-104] Establish justice based on Divine guidance. Warning against Slander and against falsely charging innocents. 4:[105-112] Allah's special favors to the Prophet. 4:[113] 14 6 7 Men are overseers over women. Corrective measures for disobedient women. Arbitration in family disputes. Huqûq-al-Ibâd (rights of other human beings). 4:[34-35] 4:[36-38] Witnesses of the Rasools on the Day of Judgment. 4:[39-42] Prohibition of drinking liquor - second order. Tayammûm - a substitute for ablution. 15 4:[43] Behavior of the People of the Book. Invitation of Imân to the People of the Book. Mushrikeen will not be forgiven. 4:[47-50] People of the Book tend to take side of Shaitân. Fate of the unbelievers. 4:[51-55] 4:[56] Fate of the believers Who should the believers obey? 4:[57-59] Hypocrites' attitude towards the decision of the Prophet. 4:[60-63] One who disputes the decision of the Prophet is not a believer. 4:[64-68] Believers will be in excellent company in the Hereafter. 4:[69-70] 10 Be prepared for armed conflict (Jihâd). Make Jihâd to help the oppressed. 4:[71-74] 4:[75-76] 11 Fear Allah and not the people. There is no escape from death. Obedience of the Rasool is in fact the obedience of Allah. 4:[77-79] 4:[80-81] Proof of the Qur'an being the Divine revelation. Report the important news to responsible persons. Respond to greetings with even better greetings. 4:[82-84] 4:[85-87] 16 17 4:[44-46] Prohibition of secret counsel and its limited exception. 18 8 9 19 20 21 4:[114-115] Shirk is an unforgivable sin. Pledge and Promises of Shaitân. 4:[116-121] Promise of Allah - who can be truer than Allah in promise? 4:[122-124] No one is better than a Muslim. 4:[125-126] Establishment of justice for women. 4:[127-130] Have fear of Allah in your dealings. 4:[131-134] Stand firm for justice. 4:[135] The believers are required to believe wholeheartedly. Boycott un-Islamic gatherings. The hypocrites have double standards. 4:[136-141] Characteristics of hypocrites and the acts of hypocrisy. The hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of hellfire. 4:[142-147] JUZ (PART) - 9 – qaalal mala’u [The chiefs said…] Behavior of the unbelievers with the Prophet Shu'aib. 7:[88-93] 12 Adversity and affluence are reminders from Allah. 7:[94-99] 13 Stories of prior nations are narrated to teach a lesson. 7:[100-102] 14 The Prophet Musa (Moses) was sent for the guidance of  Pharaoh and his chiefs. 7:[103-108] Musa's (Moses) confrontation with the magicians of Pharaoh. 7:[109-126] 21 22 23 15 Pharaoh's revenge against the people of Moses. 16 Scourge of Allah against Pharaoh and his chiefs, and their final destruction. 7:[130-137] Allah rescued the Children of Israel but they still disbelieved in One God. 7:[138-141] 17 Musa's communication with Allah. Musa was given the written tablets of Taurât (Torah). Arrogant people cannot get guidance. 7:[127-129] 24 7:[142-144] Jewish Sabbath, its violation. The role of different groups and Allah's scourge. 7:[163] 7:[164-168] Jews' wrong belief about Allah's forgiveness. Mankind's testimony at the time of Adam's creation that Allah is their Rabb. 7:[169-171] 7:[172-174] Example of those who deny Allah's revelations. Misguided people are like animals, even worse. 7:[175-178] 7:[179-181] Those who deny Allah's revelations are drawing closer to destruction. The Prophet himself has no power to benefit anyone or to avert any harm. 7:[182-188] Allah created the whole of mankind from a single soul. Reality of those gods whom people worship beside Allah. Allah is the Protecting Friend of the righteous. 7:[189-198] Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant. When the Qur'an is being recited listen to it with complete silence. 7:[199-206] 7:[145-147] 8. AL-ANFAAL [The Spoils of War] (Rukus-10; Verses-75) 18 19 20 The Israelites started worshipping the calf even after witnessing their miraculous deliverance. 7:[148-151] Worshippers of the calf incurred the wrath of Allah. 7:[152-156] The advent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was described in Torah and Gospel. 7:[157] Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet for the whole of mankind. 7:[158] Allah provided food and water to the people of Musa in the desert. 7:[159-162] 1 2 3 4 5 Commandment relating to the spoils of war (booty). Battle of Badr, a battle between truth and falsehood. 8:[1-10] Allah's help during the Battle of Badr. Allah's decision between Muslims and kuffâr 8:[11-19] The worst people in the sight of Allah are those who do not use their common sense. Guard yourselves against temptations of Shaitân. 8:[20-28] If you become Godfearing, Allah will grant you wisdom to  judge between right and wrong. The lawful guardians of Ka'bah are those who have fear of Allah. 8:[29-37] For the unbelievers, who embrace Islam, their past is forgiven 8:[38-40] JUZ (PART) – 10 – wa’lamoo [and know …] Rules about the distribution of the spoils of war. 6 7 The order of Allah to remain firm during combat against enemy. Victory of the believers and the painful death of the unbelievers. Allah does not change His blessings unless people change themselves. Treaties must be honored unless broken with proper notification. 8 9 10 8:[41-44] 9:[34-35] The number of months in the book of Allah is 12, of which 4 are sacred. 9:[36-37] 6 Allah's order to bear arms against the unbelievers, if necessary 9:[38-42] 7 Those who do not participate in Jihâd are hypocrites. 9:[43-48] Excuses of the hypocrites for not bearing arms against the unbelievers. 9:[49-59] Categories for the distribution of Zakah. 9:[60] The order of Allah not to molest the Prophet. 9:[61-62] 8:[45-48] 8:[49-52] 8:[53-54] 8:[55-58] Order to remain prepared for war against the unbelievers. Make peace if enemy is willing to make peace. 8:[59-64] Allah's promise to make the believers victorious over armies TWO to TEN times more than believers. 8:[65-69] Treatment of prisoners of war who embrace Islam. Duties and obligations of the Islamic State towards Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. Do not be like Rabbis and Priests who misappropriate the wealth of people. 8 End of those who oppose Allah and the Prophet. 8:[70-71] 8:[72-75] 9 9. AT-TAUBA [Repentance] (Rukus-16; Verses-129) 1 Proclamation to dissolve the "Treaty of Hudaibiyah." 9:[1-6] 2 Commandment of Allah to honor the treaty so long as the unbelievers honor it. 9:[7-11] 10 11 If the unbelievers violate the treaty, then fight against their ringleaders. 9:[12-16] Mushrikeen are forbidden to be the caretakers of Masâjid. 9:[17-18] 12 3 4 5 Service to pilgrims is not equal to true belief in Allah, the Last Day, and Jihâd. Do not take your fathers and brothers as your friends if they prefer Kufr (unbelief) over Imân (belief). 9:[23-24] Allah's help is with the quality and not the quantity of the believers. 9:[25-27] Prohibition of Mushrikeen from entering Masjid-al-Harâm. The mushrikeen are the Jews and Christians who call Ezra and Jesus the sons of God. 9:[19-22] 9:[28-29] 9:[30-33] 9:[63] Punishment for those who make fun of the religion. 9:[64-66] Hypocritical actions and their punishment. 9:[67-70] Believers' actions and their rewards. 9:[71-72] Allah's order to make Jihâd against hypocrites and unbelievers. 9:[73-74] Behavior of the hypocrites. 9:[75-80] The hypocrites did not join the war against the unbelievers. Prohibition of offering Funeral prayer for the hypocrites. 9:[81-89] Genuine exemptions from the battlefront. 9:[90-93] JUZ (PART) – 12 – wa maa min daabbah [and not any moving creature…] Allah is the Sustainer of all creatures. 2 Mankind is ever ungrateful to Allah except the believers. The Qur'an is not forged by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 11:[6-8] 8 4 5 6 7 Nûh's address to his people. Nûh's people challenged him and asked for the scourge of Allah. 11:[25-35] Allah commanded Nûh to build an ark. 11:[36-39] Allah commanded Nûh to embark and gather on board the believers and a pair from every species. 11:[40-41] Dialogue between Nûh and his son. 11:[42-44] Dialogue between Nûh and Allah regarding Nuh’s son. 11:[45-49] The Prophet Hûd's address to his people, their disbelief and its consequences. 11:[50-60] The Prophet Sâleh's address to his people, their disbelief and its consequences. Fate of Fir‘aun and his chiefs who were warned but they gave no heed. 11:[96-109] 11:[15-24] 10 3 11:[84-90] 11:[91-95] 11:[9-14] 9 The People of the Book  (Jews and Christians) are of two kinds: those who can see the Truth, and those who choose not to. The Prophet Shu'aib's address to his people who were cheating in their business transactions. Their negative response and its consequences. The STORY  of the Prophet Yûsuf  (Joseph). There are lessons in this STORY  for the inquirers. 12:[4-6] 12:[7-10] The stepbrothers of Yûsuf asked their father to send him with them on a hunting trip and threw him in a dark well. 12:[11-15] They told their father that Yûsuf was eaten by a wolf. 12:[16-17] They brought a shirt with false blood on it. One caravan kidnapped him, brought him to Egypt, and sold him. The Egyptian who bought him was a nice man. 12:[ 18] 12:[19-20] 12:[21-22] His master's wife tried to seduce him but Allah saved him. The women of the town started pointing fingers at her. She invited them to a banquet and asked Yûsuf to appear before them. Yûsuf was sent to prison. 12:[23-29] 2 11:[61-68] The Prophet Lût's address to his people, their disbelief and its consequences. 11:[77-83] 11:[114-117] 11:[118-123] 12:[1-3] 4 11:[69-76] 11:[110-113] 12. YOUSUF [Prophet Joseph] (Rukus-12; Verses-111) 1 The Qur'an is revealed in the Arabic language. 3 Good news for the Prophet Ibrâheem: he will have a son (Isaac) and beyond him a grandson (Jacob). Differences arose about Torah given to Musa for his followers' lack of belief. Virtues remove evils, Allah does not let the reward of the righteous be wasted. Freedom of choice given to mankind is the Will of Allah. 5 6 7 12:[30-35] Two prison inmates had dreams and asked Yûsuf for interpretation. Yûsuf 's address to his fellow inmates. 12:[36-42] King of Egypt had a dream and asked for its interpretation. Yûsuf's interpretation of the King's dream. 12:[43-49] The King of Egypt heard the case of Yûsuf and declared him innocent. 12:[50-52] JUZ (PART) - 20 – amman khalaqa [Isn’t He who created…?] Just think, is there any god besides Allah Who has created anything in the universe, answers the oppressed or guides to the Right Way? 6 7 27:[60-66] Righteous Jews and Christians can recognize the truth of  the Qur'an and feel that they were Muslims even before hearing it. 28:[51-55] Prophets cannot give guidance, it is Allah who gives guidance. 28:[52-60] The disbelievers doubt Allah's power of creation. The Qur'an clarifies those matters in which the Israelites differ and A sign from the signs of doomsday. 27:[67-82] On the Day of Judgment, the disbelievers will wish that they had accepted Guidance. 28:[61-67] Do not deny Allah's revelations without gaining their comprehensive knowledge. 27:[83-86] Allah has not allowed the Mushrikeen to assign His powers to whomever they want. 28:[68-75] Story of Qarûn, the rich man, who was from the people of  Musa but he rebelled against the guidance of Allah. 28:[76-82] Revelation of the Qur'an is the mercy of Allah, let no one turn you away from it. 28:[83-88] A scene from Doomsday. Those who accept guidance, do so to their own good and those who go astray, do so to their own peril. 7 8 27:[87-93] 9 28. AL-QASAS [The Narration] (Rukus-9; Verses-88) 1 Story of the Prophet Musa. 28:[1-3] 29. AL-‘ANKABOOT [The Spider] (Rukus-7; Verses-69) Fir‘aun plotted to kill the sons of the Israelites to save his kingship, while Allah planned to bring up one of them in Fir‘aun's own household. 2 Musa's youth, his folly of killing a man, and his escape from Fir‘aun's retribution. 1 28:[4-13] 4 5 6 His arrival at Madyan, acceptance of a ten year term of employment, and marriage. His arrival at Mount Tûr, seeing a fire, conversation with Allah, his appointment as a Rasool to Fir‘aun and his chiefs. 29:[1-7] Be kind to your parents but do not obey them in the matter of shirk. Those who say, "Follow us, we will bear your burden," are liars. 29:[8-13] Nûh admonished his people for 950 years not to commit shirk. Likewise, Ibrâheem admonished his people not to commit shirk. 29:[14-22] The people of Ibrâheem even tried to burn him alive but Allah saved him. Lût (his nephew) is the only one who affirmed his belief  with him. 29:[23-27] Lût was appointed as a Rasool towards the nation of homosexuals. 29:[28-30] They rejected Allah's guidance; as a result Allah destroyed them all. 29:[31-35] Likewise the Nations of 'Ad, Thamûd, Madyan and Fir‘aun rejected the Rasools of Allah, which resulted in their destruction. 29:[36-40] The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah. 29:[41-44] 28:[14-21] 2 3 Allah tests the believers to see, who is truthful and who is a liar? 28:[22-28] 3 28:[29-35] Fir‘aun and his chiefs disbelieved; as a result Allah destroyed them but saved the Children of Israel. 28:[36-42] Information about the destruction of prior generations is given to teach a lesson. 28:[43-50] Truth has been conveyed; the true people of the book believe in it 28[51-52] 4