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F1 - Visa Questions

List of probable questions you will be asked for a F1 Student visa interview




F-1 Visa Questions Here is a List of F1 Visa Interview Questions. Prepare for these F1 Vi Visa sa Interview Questions and answers  before you attend US Student visa Interview. F1 Visa Visa Interview is door to US Entry. Entry. In the F1 visa interview Visa Vi sa Offier try to !now about the app"iant#s $ade%is& Interest in US Eduation& Finania" Stren'th to support eduation and "ivin' e(penses for stay in US$. Usua""y F1 visa Interview Questions starts with basi Qs "i!e )hat are Universities you app"ied* )hy this University* )hat is your +,E-OEFL* et. Here are the fre/uent"y as!ed F1 Visa Interview Questions with  possib"e answers. Students p"annin' for Fa"" 012& Sprin' 013& Fa"" 013 shou"d 'o throu'h these F1 visa Questions. F1 Visa Interview Questions - Part 1: Interest in US Education Question 1: Why US? <<- very Imortant F1 Visa Interview Question! o pursue 4asters in 5o%puter Siene. Question ": Why on#y US? It is the enter of e(e""ene in the fie"d of o%puter siene. hat*s why it*s %ost sou'ht after Internationa" "earnin' enter. he US Universities have 'r6 fai"ities for researh. 4oreover& an 4S de'ree fro% a Univ in US has hi'h reo'nition ba! here in I78I$& and wou"d he"p %e to estab"ish %yse"f in a 'ood position after %y 4S. Question $ : %ow can u say it is the center o& e'ce##ence? he +"oba" +iants are fro% US& to na%e na %e a few. In the fie"d of Hardware * I94& I7EL& 8ELL& HP. In the fie"d of Software * 4I5,OSOF& O,$5LE& SU7:4I5,OS;SE4S& LI7U<. In the fie"d of networ! * 5IS5O. In the fie"d of OF5 =Optia" Fiber 5ab"e> * $? $? $4E,I5$7 ELEPHO7ES ? ELE+,$PH& 9ELL:L$9S. In the fie"d of $pp"iation Software * 4OO,OL$& +E. Question (: %ow can u say it is most sou)ht a&ter Internationa# #earnin) center? So%e of the best students and fau"ty fro% aross the '"obe onver'e to US for their en rih%ent. For e(a%p"e in %y shoo" the nu%bers nu %bers of Internationa" students are fro% %ore than @3 oun tries. *hen? US universities are Pri%ari"y ,esearh 5enters. Every professor has an identified fie"d of ,esearh. Question +: %ow can u say US universities are Primari#y ,esearch enters? $s the urriu"u% is %ore pratia" in app"iation oriented. I wish to be the best and be the best. Question .: Why /S? <<- very Imortant F1 Visa Interview Question First"y for in:depth !now"ed'e& Seond"y as a %ar! of $ade%i E(e""ene& Fina""y for a "on' ter% areer  prospets. E(p"ain this in your own words. Question 0: Why not in I2I3? I have an option to 'o for the best. Question 4: Who said that US is the 5est? $s per U.S.E.F.I. United States Eduation Foundation in India& US Eduation is A years ahead of the rest of the wor"d. Question 6: I am &rom US7 u can see me on#y7 5ut I don?t &ind sth #i8e that in US? Sir& u r in the best of the p"aes& deidin' the future of youn' Indians "i!e %e. +iven a hane I wish to be your deputy. Question 19: II* is a#so the 5est otion u have here7 then? Even the IIians are %ovin' to US. U"ti%ate"y& it is the /ua"ity of eduation and ri'ht !ind of E(posure. Question 11: E'osure? he urriu"u% is the %ost updated and !eeps abreast with the "atest aross the '"obe. II and 7I*s are onsidered the best but ad%issions are inf"uened by severa" e(terna" fators suh as ,eservations& Perfor%ane in the option of other app"iants on that partiu"ar day. 4y opportunities are redued %ore to hanes. hatBs why I hose US shoo"s whih have a transparent and "ear ad%ission proess. Question 1": Why on#y US and not any other countries? $bove a"" US is undisputed in 5o%puters. F1 Visa Interview Questions - Part ": 35out University Question 1$: Why this University? <<- very Imortant F1 Visa Interview Questions his shoo" is the best out of %y ad%its. =E(p"ain about the speia"ity of the shoo" and researh bein' onduted in your depart%ent at this university. Question 1(: %ow can u say that this is the 5est amon) u r admit? 5arria'e Foundation ,an!in' has ran!ed it sis7 what a5out their Finance? In two years fro% now& I wi"" return ba! and 'uide hi%Jher appropriate"y. F1 Visa Questions - Part (: P#ans to return to %ome ountry Question $1: What is the )uarantee that u wi## return 5ac8? he so"e ai% for %e is to 'o to US& do %y 4S there& but not to wor! there. 4oreover I have %any ob"i'ations towards %y fa%i"y and I %ust return as I need to ta!e are of the%. $s I have enou'h property& there is no need for %e to wor! in US. here is untapped %ar!et potentia" in I78I$. Question $": Where can I e'ect u in &ive years &rom now7 Ur &uture #ans? )or!in' for a %u"tinationa" o%pany "i!e Satya%& 5o'niGant tehno"o'ies& Po"aris& If"e(& Visua" Soft& Infoeh Enterprises. $s per 7$S5O4 =7ationa" $ssoiation of Software servies 5o%panies>& the future de%and for I Professiona"s is esti%ated @@ "a!hs by 013 and now it is 2 "a!hs. Question $$: When u return 5ac87 how much do u e'ect sa#ary ay? 3:A "a!hs. han( to '"oba"iGation the pay pa!ets are 'ood enou'h in I78I$ and this is the pay they are offerin' now. Question $(: ive me $ reasons &or )ivin) u a va#id visa to u? 9asia""y& I have been a perfor%er passin' %y en''. In first "ass.I have f"air for hi'her edua tion with an app"iation an'"e. $bove a""& very supportive shoo" and parents Question $+: What i& I don?t )ive u a visa? I a% sure perfor%ers and 'enuine students are never "et down at the onsu"ate. Ur the u"ti%ate ud'e. Question $.: @87 &ine i& I )ive u a visa? han/& Profuse"y. F1 Visa Interview Questions - Part +: ,E7*@EF7/3*7IE*S7 ;ac8#o)s Question $0: Why ur re score is #ow? he verba" setion is too tou'h. It had its i%pat. Question $4: Why did not u write it a)ain? I thou'ht I wi"" %a!e a%ends with %y toef" and aade%i sores. Question $6: %ow many 5ac8#o)s? Why? < nu%ber of ba!"o's. =For "ess no of ba!"o's>I fe"t i"" /uite a sudden in the %idd"e of %y e(a%s. =For %ore no>Unti" %y en''. I was a 'ood student but durin' en''. I was unab"e to ba"ane between %y studies and sports so "itt"e da%a'e was done but now I %ade stron' a%ends that I wi"" wor! hard and ahieve what I want.  7ote If you an#t onvine visa offier for F1 Visa Questions based on ba!"o's& you wi"" be reeted  by 012b& onsiderin' you as you are ine"i'ib"e student to study in US$. F1 Visa Interview Questions - Part .: on-Immi)rant Status Question (9: Wi## u wor8 whi#e studyin)? ;es& if it is re"ated to %y studies "i!e 'raduate assistantship. Question (1: Wi## you wor8 i& you )et a &u## time Ao5 in US3?  7o. I a% not interested sir. I a% interested in Eduation in US$ not to wor! after that. Question (": Is your ;rother in US3?  =Students with sib"in's "ivin' in US$ %ay be as!ed this /uestion> ;es. Question ($: What is he doin)? He is wor!in' on H19 Visa. =Even thou'h your sib"in' have +reenard in US& i won#t ause prob"e% for your F1 Visa> F1 Visa Questions - Part 0: /isce##aneous Question ((: Why did u come &or 2e#hi instead o& %ydera5ad? Students a#yin) &or @ther ocations! I did try for 'ood nu%ber of days.9ut dinBt 'et visa appoint%ent in Hyderabad. Question (+: 2o you 8now any5ody in this University? yes& i do have so%e of %y seniors. Question (.: %ow did you choose this university? +ot so%e su''estions fro% %y professors at %y o""e'e& ontated seniors for infor%ation about US Universities. Surfed sites "i!e 4SinUS and US7ews for US Eduation info. Question (.: Wi## you Wor8 on P* in a )ood comany? If %y ourse wor! re/uires and if is he"pfu" to %y ourse wor!. Question (0: Wi## you Wor8 in US3 a&ter /S? i& you are o&&ered Ao5 in /icroso&t7 US3!  7o Sir. I an easi"y 'et a 'ood in %y ho%e ountry after 'raduatin' fro% the reputed US University. Question (4: iven a chance7 Wi## you wor8 o&&-camus #i8e in /ote#7 as Stations?  7o Sir. I a% a""owed to wor! in University 0 hrs a wee!. I a% not a""owed to wor! off a%pus obs. Questions (6: Where are you E'act#y )oin) in US3? 4ention your university "oation-ity. Question +9: Which onsu#tancy he#ed with F1 Visa 2ocumentation? 9etter to prepare dou%ents by yourse"f than 'ettin' he"p fro% fraud onsu"tanies. Questions to "nd or $rd time F1 Visa 3#icants 1> )hy did you han'e the university 0> what are a"" the dou%entation han'es you %ade fro% "ast ti%e. : 4a!e sure you han'e @> 8id you reta!e any tests* 2> )hy is your F1 visa reeted "ast ti%e* F1 Visa Questions &or "1(5 ases If you are reeted under 012b visa refusa" in the F1 visa interview fre/uent /ue stions you %i'ht see in the ne(t atte%pt 1> )i"" you o%e ba! to india after 4S* 0> )hat han'es fro% "ast appoint%ent* @> How an i trust that you are not a potentia" %i'rant. 2> why did you 'et 012b "ast ti%e* From US )raduates ;#o) 1. Why Your GRE Scores are Low and why didn’t you try again for GRE? Sir& with respet to "ow +,E Sores& the %ain reason was not %ana'in' the i%e Proper"y& whih had "eft %e with a very s%a"" a%ount of ti%e to ta!"e the re%ainin' /uestions& as a resu"t a fa"" in +,E Sores. he reason for not tryin' a'ain is beause I be"ieved that with %y Sores I wou"d 'et into the University <;K =he University that you 'ot into>. 4y $i% was to 'et into this University due to various fators and I 'ot an ad%it fro% it. So thatBs the reason I didnBt 'ive %y +,E E(a% a'ain.=This is my version for getting a low GRE Score but as everyone as their own reason for low GRE, specify that .M> 2. Why are your Academics ercentage!GA on the "ower side? $'ain this is a /uestion& whih $nswer wi"" vary fro% one to another Student. 9ut this is %y version of it. $s you an see Sir& %y perenta'e was "ow in the First year beause I the subets where very 'enera" and not speifi to %y Fie"d and a"so I had to adapt to the Se%ester pattern& but as you an see after that %y Perenta'e is a"ways on the ,ise. So I understood %y %ista!es and I was very we"" ab"e to adapt to the se%ester patterns whih resu"ted in 'ood perenta'e in the "atter sta'es. #. What are your $"ans after Graduation? $fter +raduation& I wi"" ertain"y enoy and 'o out with %y friends and wi"" try to )or! in a US o%pany durin' %y OP to 'ain va"uab"e e(periene in the orporate fie"d before returnin' to %y ountry..M O, ;ou an a"so put it this way $fter +raduation I p"an to wor! for few years in a US o%pany to 'et a 5orporate E(periene in the US and then p"an to o%e ba! to India.M %. What is S$ecia" a&out the 'ni(ersity that you ha(e se"ected and ha(e you contacted anyone in that 'ni(ersity? Sir the %ain reason for se"etin' the University <;K is that& it h as a 'ood researh fai"ities whih an be rea""y he"pfu" to %e if I deide to study further. Seond"y the Professors are rea""y 'ood sine I o%%uniated with the% and they 'ave %e a o%p"ete detai" re'ardin' this ourse to %e& whih rea""y %ade %e fee" to pursue %y 4S in this University. Fina""y the 5urriu"u% is desi'ned in suh a way that I wi"" be ab"e to "earn and 'ain a "ot of now"ed'e about %y fie"d. ). What wi"" you do if your student (isa is Re*ected? First"y I thin!& I 'ave %y best in this Interview and I be"ieve I shou"d not be reeted& 9ut if I a% reeted then I wi"" fi'ure out the %ista!es that I have %ade in the Interview and then re:app"y& beause I have set %y 'oa" to pursue %y 4S in this University. So I wi"" "oo! into the %ista!es and re:app"y as soon as possib"e Sir. +. Why 'SA and not any other ,ountry? here are %any reasons for se"etin' US. One of the reasons is he Universities in the US has a pratia" approah with respet to any fie"d. So havin' a pratia" approah wi"" he"p %e in 'ainin' %ore now"ed'e re'ardin' %y fie"d. Seond"y the Universities in the US are ran!ed %uh better than any other Universities& and by Studyin' in the best Universities wi"" ertain"y he"p %e in 'ainin' the 9est now"ed'e about %y fie"d. -. o you $"an to $ursue higher studies after /S? $t this %o%ent Sir& %y o%p"ete fous is on doin' %y 4asters in %y fie"d. 9ut if I a% rea""y interested in the researh in the "atter sta'es of %y 4S then ertain"y I wi"" pursue %y Further Studies& that is Ph8 Sir. 0.  thin you wi"" stay in 'SA and not come &ac to ndia.  thin  ha(e to re*ect you. Sir& as I said I a% p"annin' to )or! for few years for 'ainin' a 5orporate E(periene in %y fie"d at this %o%ent. I have %y parents ba! in India& and I need to ta!e are of the% sine they are both 'oin' to retire& So ertain"y I wi"" be ba! to India and I wou"d say that the assu%ption re'ardin' %e stayin' in US is wron' Sir. 3. So how are you $"anning to get funded for 2 to # years that you are going to stay in 'SA? Sir as you have seen %y 9an! State%ents and other reords& I have the fundin' that is re/uired for pursuin' and o%p"etin' %y 4S. $part fro% that I wi"" a"so 'et enro""ed in Finania" $id that the University provides  by whih I an %ana'e %y E(penses that are re/uired to "ive in the US Sir. 14. Why are you $"anning to go in 5a""!S$ring on"y? $s %y Under +raduation wi"" be o%p"eted in the %onth of 4ay& I have deided not to waste an yti%e and 'o ahead with %y 8rea% of pursuin' 4S in %y fie"d in this fa"" itse"f. hatBs the reason I didnBt hoose Sprin' Sir. 11. You are ta"ing a&out research then why don’t you o$t h rather than /S? Sir& $t this %o%ent I have %y fi(ed %y P"ans towards 4S rather than Ph8. he reason I was ta"!in' about researh fai"ities is that if I intend to arry on with %y Studies then I need not han'e %y University p"us ,esearh fai"ities are rea""y usefu" whi"e you are doin' you r proet wor! in your 4S. 12. So you got admission to a&c uni(ersity. 6ut 7y8 uni( a"so has good course for same grad $rogram as  yours and it a"so has &etter raning. Why didn’t you a$$"y to 7y8 uni(.? $part fro% University ,an!in's& I a"ways wi"" hoose a University whih has the best professors. I have  been in ontat with Professors of ab University and I rea""y was happy with their way of o%%uniation and how they e(p"ained about the ourse and other detai"s re'ardin' the University. $part fro% this the uition fees of $95 University is within %y reah whih is a"so the reason I hoose $95 over <;K University. =his is a 'enera" $nswer but the $nswer wi"" han'e dependin' on whih two Universities are  bein' o%pared>.