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Gmpte Walking And Cycling Design Guide

Project Managers at GMPTE have identified that for pedestrian and cycling facilities at stations and stops, there is need for a single source of information setting out the design requirements. In response to this, the following guidance has been produced to bring together the various tools and guidance documents that are available into one summary document to be used across Greater Manchester in design and provision for both new projects and existing stations and stops. Adopting a standardised approach to design principles will allow for improvements in quality and greater consistency across the conurbation, which will ultimately benefit users. Cycling can provide practical and convenient access to stations. This document provides guidance on standards for cycle infrastructure for users accessing public transport by bike. In particular, addressing issues relating to cycle parking is essential to the development of standards for integrating cycling and public transport. Insufficient or inappropriate facilities for cycle parking can have the effect of discouraging cyclists from using their bikes to access public transport. Therefore, good quality cycle parking is a key element of developing an integrated transport network.