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It Networking Engineer Interview Questions

IT Networking Engineer Interview Questions gUIDES




IT Networking Engineer Interview Questions, Answers and Tips Following are most asked IT Networking Engineer Interview Questions, Answers and Tips. These sample IT Networking Engineer Interview questions are part of normally asked questionnaire. IT Networking Engineer Interview Questions: What is a Network? IT Engineer Interview Network is the system in which the different computers are interconnected. Generally the computers are interconnected to share the information or transfer data from one computer to other. What are LAN and WAN? How do they differ? LAN stands for Local Area Network. This type of networking system is used to connect the computers over a short range of area the examples would be a network inside office, school, and home and occasionally between buildings etc. WAN stands for Wide Area Network. This type of networking system is used to connect the computer over large range of area; the best example could be the Internet which connects different computer across the world. What is Active Directory? Active Directory is an implementation of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) like directory services for use primarily in windows environments. It is used to provide central authentication and authorization services for Windows-based computers. What are the uses of Active Directory? Active Directory is used by Network administrators to assign policies, deploy software and apply critical updates to organization network. It stores information and settings in centralized database. What Global Catalog? Global Catalog is data repository generally distributed that holds searchable, partial representation of every object in every domain in a multi domain Active Directory. It is stored on domain controllers which are used as global catalog servers and it is distributed through multimaster replication. What is MAC Address and IP Address? MAC Address is the physical identifier of a network adapter and IP address represents a logical device address on Internet Protocol Networks. Address Resolution Protocol of IP translates IP addresses to MAC addresses. What is Network Topology? Which is commonly used? Network Topology is the style or way in which the networking is done. There are different types of topologies like: • • • • • • • Ring Star Extended Star Hub Spoke Mesh Bus What is VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a private network that makes use of public network like internet but still it maintains security and privacy of private network through encryption and security procedures. How many ways u can configure the Router? IT Networking Engineer Interview The ways to configure the Router are: • • • Console Telnet Auxiliary(AUX) How to create Proxy server? Proxy Server can be created using third party software. A proxy server acts as store and forward caches. It receives the requests from different clients for web pages and it finds those pages and forwards it to the client machines. How to use software that is installed in the server? One can use Terminal services to connect to the server and run the software. Even clients can use remote desktop connection to access the software. What is RAID? RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives. It is a technology that uses two or more hard disk drives to replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. RAID provides greater levels of performance, reliability and larger data volumes sizes. It is used for mirroring. IT Networking Engineer Interview What is VoIP and how it works? VoIP is nothing but Voice over Internet Protocol. It converts voice into digital signal which is transmitted through internet. If we are calling a regular phone then the signal is converted to regular telephone signal before reaching to destination. VoIP allows us to make call directly from a computer. What is VLAN? VLAN is nothing but Virtual LAN. It is a network of computers that act as if they are connected to the same network even though they may actually be physically located in different segments of LAN. VLANs are configures through software than hardware. The advantages of VLAN are that even if we move the computer physically it can stay on the same VLAN without requiring any hardware reconfiguration. What is the difference between L-2 Devices and L-3 Devices? L-2 Devices works on MAC Address and L-3 Devices works on IP Address. L-2 Devices are much faster when compared to L-3 Devices. What is default gateway? Default gateway is basically the entry point from one network and exit from the other network which often routes through the router network. Explain the disadvantages of circular login? In circular login method the event of corrupt database, only the last back up data can be restored. Mention few standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, LADAP, IMAP4, Global catalog? SMTP - 25, POP3 - 110, IMAP4 - 143, RPC - 135, LDAP - 389, Global Catalog - 3268 What would be a situation in Local delivery queue generally mean? The situation arises in a way which indicates a performance issue or outage on the local server. Various reasons could be slow in the handling messaged off to local delivery or SMTP delivery and consulting AS, There are chances that the database being dismounted or a lack in disk space. What rises in remote queue length generally indicate? This means that the mails are not sent to other servers. This happens because of performance issues and outages with the network or remote servers.