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Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

This brand-new Bible storybook teaches children about God’s amazing plan through His Son, Jesus, and combines Jesus Calling® devotions to help kids understand in their heart that Jesus loves them s...




God’s Big Plan | from Genesis 1 somewhere. e. a, B, C . . . 1, 2, 3 . . . verything begins somewher Imgine  pce with nothing to see, her, tste, touch, or sme. o erth. o sky. In the beginning, there ws nothing but Go the Fther, is on—Jesus—n the oy pirit. Go h  pn to crete something big. big. 16 On the first y, Go si, “let there be ight,” n ight hppene! Go ce it daytime. The rkness e ce night . On the secon y, Go seprte the sky n the wters, n on the thir, e cret c rete e n. Wter whire n swire  roun. Go G o gthere the wters into into ses, n then up cme n: his, mountins, mou ntins, veys, veys, n pins. Go spoke gin, n pnts sproute from the erth. Coorfu fowers of every kin. Vegetbes. Trees t n strong, their brnches oe with pump, juicy fruit. Go sw it , n e si, “This is goo!” 17 On the fourth y, Go cret c rete e the sun n poppe the moon in the sky. Go hung h ung more strs thn  you cou ever ever count! But e wsn’t finishe yet. 18 19 Go crete birs n se cretures on the fifth y y.. litte minnows n gint whes. Tiny hummingbirs n t ostriches! ostriches! dy six ws rey speci! Go fie the erth with nims. Worms wigge in the irt. Girffes reche for the sky. lions rore. onkeys ughe. 20 anims, nims nim s everywhere! But e sti wsn’t one. Wht o you think Go G o me next? Ju Cg “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”  Reeao 22:13 nkjv I am the Alpha and the Omega. That means the Beginning and the End. Most people call Me Jesus. I am God the Son. I made the heavens and the earth. Even then—long before you were born— I thought of you and I loved you. 21 God Starts a Family | from Genesis 1 O ur imge, Go si, “let Us mke mn in Our in Our ikeness, n they cn rue over wht We hve crete.” 22 Go sve is best for for st. e me m e  mn n then  womn, brething ife into them so they h boies n spirits. Go ove them more thn nything ese. They were the strt of is big fmiy. Go me  wonerfu Gren G ren for them to ive in. am n v vee were hppy in their perfect new home. They h everything they neee n penty of eicious foo to et. They cou et the fruit from every tree in the Gren except for one . . . 23 Adam and Eve’s Big Mistake | from Genesis 3 Go si, “don’t et the fruit from the Tree of the Knowege of Goo n vi. If you et the fruit, you wi ie.” Go hs  terribe enemy nme tn. tn is evi, n he wys wnts peope to o b things. e cme into tht beutifu Gren G ren pretening to be  snke. e sithere roun tht one tree n whispere to ve, “You won’t ie. If you et this fruit, you wi ern bout goo n evi, n you wi be ike Go.” tn ie. But the womn chose to beieve him inste of Go. 24 he te the fruit. am i too. a t once, Go’s perfect perfect wor chnge. When the mn n womn broke Go’s rue, something ce sin entere the wor. an tht me Go s. 25 26 Go me cothes to cover them becuse they were shme. am n ve cou no onger ive in is perfe perfect ct Gren of en. Go h to sen them wy, where work wou be hr n ife wou be pinfu. But Go h  pn. e wou come to erth s  bby n grow to be  mn who wou efet tn n rescue Go’s chiren. Jesus wou be is nme. Ju Cg  No power power in the sky above above or in the earth below— indeed, nothing in all creation will . . . separate us from the love of God. Romas 8:39 nlt I was there when Adam A dam and Eve left the Garden forever. forever. Wherever they went, I was with them—watching over them. Do you know that I am with you too? Nothing can separate you from My Love. L ove. 27 Cain and Abel, Two Brothers | from Genesis 4 am n ve h two sons. Cin ws  frmer, n abe ws  shepher. They ech ecie to give Go  gift. Cin gve Go some of his crops, but abe scrifice his best mb—something he rey wnte to keep. 28 athough Cin n abe both gve gifts to Go, abe truste Go n gve his best to im. an so Go ccepte abe’s gift, but e ws unhppy with Cin’s. e scoe Cin. Tht me Cin m, even jeous of his brother. lter, the two brothers were in  fie, n Cin fet so ngry tht he kie abe! e wsn’t sorry either. either. But Go sw wht hppene. “Cin, where is your brother?” e ske. “I on’t know,” Cin ie. Cin ws punishe by Go for his gret sin, n for the rest of his ife he ws  wnerer who never got to sty in one pce for very ong. Ju Cg “If you do good, I will accept you. . . . Sin wants you. But you must rule over it.”  it.”  Geess 4:7 icb When you are angry angr y or you’re about to do something bad, come to Me and I will help you. I want you to do what is right and trust Me, as Abel did. I like that kind of faith. I am always near you—ready to help. 29