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Meihua Divination Part 10





MEIHUA YISHU CORRESPONDENCE COURSE PART X SECRETS OF OBSERVING PHENOMENA PROFOUND OBSERVATION OF PHENOMENA 1 SONG ONG OF DEEP PRO PROF FOUN OUND OBS OBSE ERVAT RVATIION OF PPHE PHENOM NOMENA ( MEIHUA CLASSIC) 2 SONG ONG OF WOND WONDE ERFU RFULLY PROFO ROFOU UND OBSE BSERVAT RVATIION OF PHENOMENA ( MEIHUA CLASSIC) 3 ENDOWMENT OF MYRIAD PHENOMENA ( MEIHUA CLASSIC) 4 INTRI NTRINS NSIIC QUA QUAL LITIES TIES OF OPPOS PPOSIING CHAR CHARAC ACT TER OF HEXA HEXAGR GRAM AMS S  5 ANALYSING A DIVINATION WITH YAO VERSE 6 SECRET OF NUMERALS AS TI 7 OBSE BSERVAT RVATIION OF MATT ATTERS VIA VIA TRA TRANS NSFO FORM RMAT ATIION OF YAO YAO 8 OBSE BSERVAT RVATIION OF MATT ATTERS IN RE RESPON PONSE FULFI ULFIL LMENT MENT 9 EXAMPLES OF OF OB OBSERVATION OF OF MA MATTERS US USING YI YI 10 IRON CL CLAD PREDIC DICTIO TION OF OF MA MATTERS  1. SONG SONG OF DEEP DEEP PROF PROFOU OUND ND OBSE OBSERV RVAT ATIION OF PHEN PHENOM OMEN ENA A    This MeiHua classic teaches the skill of predicting matters just by observation of signs and clues in a house or dwelling. One ancient master by name of Xi Niu Si, effectively used this knowledge to accurately predict future happening or deduce matters that had happened in a house by just setting eyes on it. This is because in every dwelling there are signs that portend its prosperity or decline, and whether it is stable and peaceful or have malicious evil ambience. Those who are knowledgeable will know how to scrutinize will have a better advantage over those who are ignorant. Thus this classic conveys a profoundness that is incomparable. Therefore, please do not take lightly the knowledge espoused in this classic. Text and translation:  Everything in this universe is nothing but numbers. The theory and logic is embedded within. The auspicious and ominous have its place in the scheme of the universe, but calamity and fortune can be predicted.  Born and control are the main main deduction deduction of the five elements elements -- metal wood water water fire earth. You need to clearly differentiate between green, yellow, red, white and black.  How do you observe and deduce a home’s calamity and fortune? You only need to judge from the profound. The way to judge and scrutinize the prosperity and decline is to observe the house condition and listen to the sounds of the house.  If upon entering entering the house, you feel the ambience ambience is like spring time, this home is harmonious. harmonious. If you feel it is cold and desolate like autumn chill, it shall slowly fall into decline.  If you smell a naturally strong and pervasive fragrance, it shall enjoy good fortune always. If the house smells like smoked raw meat of chicken, pork, cat or dog, poverty and sickness shall invade the house. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013   If you see the men and women of a house well dressed, you can say the house reputation is wholesome. If you see the people of a house untidy and disheveled you can guess they are sad and worried.  If you hear sounds like a woman sighing or wailing, there could be disaster befalling the women or calamity involving children. If for no reason you see an old man shed tears, you can predict misfortune may befall his family.  If the front wall fence has cracks or broken, the home’s good fortune will slowly disappear. If the roof gutter’s water flows towards the main door, this house’s will never be able to retain its wealth.  If strangely some plants grow on the roof, it is auspiciously beneficial to the home. If the house is serene, clean and tidy, surely this home will produce a smart and talented person.  If for no reason there is a single shoe hanging on the door, surely the servant is disrespectful of  the master. If the left side of the door is broken, it is inauspicious for the father of the house.  If peach tree planted near a well, or peach blossom flower adorn the door, surely there will be erotic affairs in the house. If there is a large parasol tree (also called phoenix tree) in front or at the back of the house, the house owner may drift away from the home.  If planted a tall pear tree by the side of a well, the people of the house will leave for distant lands. If the ancestral hall, the joss sticks in the incense censer suddenly ignite into fire, a fire disaster in the house is feared.  If the roof tiles fall in front of the door, it is an ominous sign of problems befalling the house. If a broken bowl is placed in the toilet, this home will suffer poverty and destitution. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013   Day time must never light lamps on bare ground, because it can cause death in the house, one following another. If in broad daylight rat (s) run around the house, there shall be financial loss.  If the other hen cackles in the morning, the house Yin qi increase, Yang qi depleting and house luck will wane. If in the main courtyard (or even in the living room) a dog stands up and wail, calamity shall soon befall the house.  If early morning hear magpie chirping incessantly, surely there will be a distant traveller returning home. If a python enters the house, the residents will suffer illness and bad spirits will disturb.  If a flock of sparrows fight at the doorsteps, there shall be gossip and slandering. If suddenly have an owl squeaking and blocking your door, disaster may befall the residents.  If a flock of sheep blocks your gate (doorway), beware of contagious disease. If a sailboat (replica) is placed on the floor of the house, whatever the people do will have very slow progress.  If the tree shade of a neighboring house covers your compound, you will constantly receive windfalls. The concrete steps in front of your house if cracked and chipped, nothing can be successful.  If entering the house tea is served, this house’s wealth luck is prosperin g. If one day three meals cooking time is early, house luck shall gradually become better.  Stove fire must not be left overnight otherwise people leave and wealth disperses. There are thousands of examples and it is very difficult to list them all out, thus you must depend on your imagination and intelligence to deduce. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013   This text is only the lead towards heavenly designs, the profoundness is indescribable.  “”    The aforementioned text is a summary of Shao Yong’s MeiHua analyzing methodology that concerns the luck of a home (house). It is specially targeted at the divination and analysis of the overall condition of a home. The divination and analysis of house luck is not an easy thing to do, therefore one needs to take in all of the external signs and clues and observe its resonance as the first criteria. This text although is also a divination text like the other texts, but it concentrates on the divination of  house and home luck. From the text you can see that whatever the deduced happening in the house/home, there is a corresponding resonating external clue or sign. This shows the efficacy of this WaiYing (  resonance) method, specifically, and MeiHua YiShu as a whole. Also, this method is very helpful because from the divination you can see potential happenings of auspiciousness or ominous. If auspicious, you can enhance the auspiciousness even more. If  the prediction is ominous, the residents are thus forewarned. Therefore they can avoid the bad and can even transform the ominous into auspiciousness with the help of the knowledgeable diviner. In conclusion, everything revolves around the Yi numerology and everything that happens has a reason and a cause. As a diviner, when you see these resonating signs and clues, you should utilize the knowledge gained from this text as a reference point the help you perform a penetrating and accurate judgment. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  2. SONG OF WONDERFULLY PROFOUND OBSERVATION OF PHENOMENA  This text is about the different aspects of each trigram and the resultant images conjured from the combination of trigrams. It was said that treating the practice of divination via observation of matters as a game is not beneficial at all, but to practice divination for the sake of research on the efficacy of resonance of  trigrams and hexagrams, can help you to understand the wisdom of the ancients when they wrote the Yi. Why is this so? His is because in the course of learning and practicing Yi studies, of which MeiHua is part of it, it best to hold a relaxed attitude towards the studies and not get too uptight about it. If you are relaxed and are able to let yourself be spontaneous in the learning and practice of MeiHua YiShu and Yi studies, you may be able to uncover some intrinsic knowledge that is otherwise seemingly “hidden” in the YiJin g text.     All the phenomena in this world are represented by numbers and imagery. Each and every phenomenon has its own theories and principles, numerology and imagery. For example, the word ‘ heaven round earth square’ is reflected in Chinese everyday life philosophy – that the standard Chinese courtyard house is either square or rectangular in shape. This courtyard house shape and layout is reflection of the phil osophical view point that ‘earth is square’. The grave, however, is directly opposite, because it is the resting place for the dead, who, in Chinese culture regarded them as “gone to heaven”. Thus you can see the standard Chinese graves are generally roun d or oval in shape that reflects the philosophical viewpoint or ‘heaven is round’. Thus the heaven is round and earth is square represents the imagery of shape; heaven is dark (black) earth is yellow is the imagery of colors; heaven is dynamic earth is still, is the imagery of  character; heaven is upper earth is lower is the imagery of positioning; Qian is hard and robust, Kun is soft and pliable is the imagery of physique. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013        Thus Qian as trigram is metal, thus it is robust, round, noble and steadfast. Qian as material is: gold, jade, other precious metals and minerals. Qian is also: as red as round, as big, as prime (also head), as fruits hanging from trees. If Qian meets Dui, both being metal becomes hard and brittle. Thus it can snap and break into two. However two metal can also signify ‘the sharp edge of a sword’. If divined in autumn, it will have a high value to it. If divined in summer, because fire is prosperous, metal will be weak and strength waned. Qian meets with Kan is metal born water, making Qian weak thus it can sink and drown, Qian meets Li it is fire melting metal, thus it has image of a forged metal that becomes a useful tool. Qian meets Zhen it is dynamic  – things with motion or vibration. Qian meets Xun is metal ke wood, it signifies round fruit from trees. Qian meets Gen and Kun denotes rocks from the earth.      Kun as trigram is earth, thus its shape is straight and square, its color is dark yellow, with a tinge of black (because of moisture in earth). Kun also represents documents, cloth, carriage and cauldron. The animal representation is a cow. Kun’s nature is fixed and immovable, thus it dislike motion or movements. Gets Qian it can be round and can also be square; can be noble or can also be base. Gets Zhen or Xun wood it is long shaped tools (or utensils). Meets Li fire, it is documents or scholarly writings. Meets Dui metal it is like metal ores. Gets Gen it is hard earth and rocks. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013       Zhen as trigram is wood, its main color is green, its subsidiary color is black and yellow. Zhen is bamboo, sound, reeds of marshland, as fresh luxuriant vegetation. Zhen’s upper is soft and pliant, lower is rigid and hard. Its nature is vibration and quake, and fright. Gets Qian it is things of sound and of value, because Qian has noble qi. Gets Dui it becomes a useless thing because Dui has no noble qi. Sees Gen it is rocks of forests and hills. Sees Kan it may have rain and thunder. It becomes things with qi. Sees Xun it is plants with stems and leaves. Sees Li it is plants with flowers.     Xun as trigram is soft wood, its main color is green, its smell is fragrant, it is plants and trees, fruits and vegetables. It can be robust and at same time can be soft and pliant. Combined with Li fire it signifies books and documents, Combined with Dui or Qian it is like meeting metal cutting tools, thus Xun weakens. Meets Kun or Gen it is plants that grows on earth. Meets Kan it becomes edible food. Like vegetables cooked in water. Matched with Zhen or Xun it signifies vegetation in growth. Divined in spring it signifies birth, matched in summer it signifies growth.        Kan as trigram is water, its color is black. Its shape can be round and can also be square. Like water it does not have a fixed shape. The water waves of ponds and lakes shows its nature as soft and pliant. Internally it can be robust like huge waves that toss ships around. It is wet and tends to flow downwards. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  It is mostly as things in the water such as sea creatures, sea plants etc. Its nature is prone to decay. Meets with Qian it is becomes round. Meets Dui it becomes ‘broken’, and also filthy and damp. Gets Zhen or Xun it becomes edible things. Sees Li it becomes “water and fire mutually in control”, thus all matters should be auspic iously successful. Water flows downwards, fire flames upwards, thus it is also stagnation. Sees Dui, it is things with and open top. Sees Zhen or Xun it is stems and leaves, and also flowering plants.    Li as trigram is fire, its color is red, maroon and purple. It is dry and hot. Its nature is upper robust and lower soft. Meets with Kun or Gen earth, it signifies rocks and hills, and fired pottery and porcelain. If as stones and pebbles it will be gravel pathways in a courtyard. Meets Qian metal it becomes robust and strong things. Meets with Dui metal it becomes broken things. Meets with Kun earth it becomes a mound of earth. Meets Xun wood it becomes grass shrubs and weeds. Meets Zhen wood it becomes plants and trees. Can also be fence and hedges. Meets Kan water it becomes shoal or river banks. Meets Li fire as companion can be like fired pottery or porcelain.        Gen as trigram is earth, its color is yellow and green. Nature is dry, its character upper robust bottom pliant. It is mountain rocks and earthen porcelain. It can be from small stone to a huge mountain, or can be pathway leading to the door. Sees Qian it represents robust things. Sees Dui it can be broken things. Sees Gen as pile of earth. Sees Xun as grass and small plants. Sees Zhen as trees. Matched with Kan can be shoal or river banks. Matched with Li can be fired pottery. Meets Zhen or Xun represents fence, hedges and walls. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013      Dui as trigram, its color is white, its nature is less soft but more robust. Dui represents snapped, broken and incomplete, and things that are round and with an opening. Sees Qian it is first round and later broken. Sees gen it is like metallic rocks or useless equipment. Sees Zhen Xun is things like peeled and stripped of skin, or pared with knife. Sees Kan are things that are found in water. Gets Qian it is more robust, gets Kun it is more plaint. Grows in west, found in marshland or found in water, are soft and pliant and can be successfully made into useful things. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  3 ENDOWMENT OF MYRIAD PHENOMENA      The Dao is WuJi , from WuJi was born the TaiJi , from TaiJi the Two Appearances   of Yin and Yang was born, from the Two Appearances was born the Four Images , from the Four Images was born the BaGua . Finally from the BaGua was transformed the Sixty Four Hexagrams that encompass all the myriad things of this universe. These 64 hexagrams comprise the whole philosophy of the Yi that covers: the theory, numerology and images that depict the limitlessness of the myriad things. Thus Man was endowed with this knowledge of the duality of the Yin Yang, the Early and Later Heaven BaGua and the 64 hexagrams. With this knowledge, Man is able to observe all the phenomena in this world and relate them to the theory, numerology and images of the Yi and then make divinations to analyze and deduce all the matters arising that needed to be known. With this Yi knowledge, especially of MeiHua YiShu, Man can use almost anything that can be seen, heard and felt, from inanimate objects to climatic conditions, to raise hexagrams to divine and find answers.     From the origin of the Yi, theory, numerology and images, the myriad things of the universe can be related to numerals, thus it is limitless. From numerals that are within the wonderfully profound energy, you can deduce motion and stillness, auspicious or ominous all can be seen from the images of the Yao lines.           In MeiHua divination, you can divine at any time under any condition. The essence of MeiHua is spontaneity. Thus, before raising a hexagram for divination, one must empty the heart/mind of  discursive thoughts and concentrate on the question at hand. When your mind is settled, you can observe the surrounding looking for signs and clues to raise and deduce the divined hexagrams. After you had raised the hexagrams, you can utilize all the surrounding resonances like sounds, people talking, shapes, forms and any unusual signs to help you analyse the divination. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013    . Thus to divine matters pertaining to others, you need to rely on your eyes and ears to catch the signs and clues to help you raise the hexagrams. To excel in divination, you must be able to fully utilize these signs and clues to help you analyse and deduce the hexagrams to get an accurate prediction of future happenings. (The following texts are a rich treasure trove of information for the diviner. Every external phenomenon can be utilized as a divination clue. Even the most common of things that most ordinary untrained people overlook can be used effectively by those with trained eyes and mind.)     If you hear noise and excitement that could be arguments, you can divine there shall be disputes and quarrels. By determining the direction of the noise, you can deduce what kind of quarrel can happen. On the other hand is you hear sound of joyous laughter, you can deduce there could be joyous celebration such as marriage or birthday parties. If you see a woman weeping you can deduce there shall be some ominous thing going to happen to woman or children. If you see military movements from the east, you can deduce there shall be legal matters arising such as law suits.     If you see lock and chain you can guess there could be legal punishment of some sort. If you see a whip and cane, there could be suffering of caning or lashing punishment. If you see a butcher carrying slaughtered meat carcass, there could be calamity befalling the descendants. If you see blood spilled on the ground, beware of blood disaster befalling your house animals.       If you see a shaman (witch doctor) or black magician and see medicine, there shall be sickness arriving at the door. If see evil looking eccentric person, possible problems in grave of ancestor. If see wine (or alcoholic drinks being processes) this denotes unfulfilled vows made to gods and deities. If suddenly see a woman approaching, can deduce a female in the house will face problems. If suddenly see a male approaching will mean a male in the house will face problems. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013       Remember to be objective when using BaGua related meanings in your divination  – cannot arbitrarily make a subjective conclusion. If the hexagram and gua image is auspicious surely there would not be anything ominous. If the hexagram imagery denotes inauspiciousness undoubtedly problems and disasters could happen.          If you see people in funeral possession mourning, you can deduce possible serious disaster going to happen. If you see someone leaning on a walking stick crying, you can divine the whole family will cry over some serious problem. If a heavy hearted dejected client comes into consult you, naturally you can deduce his problem is most worrying. If a smiling joyous client walks in, you can guess the divination is about joyous celebration. This trick is to utilize the facial expression of the enquirer as a yardstick to assist your deduction of the divination. When divining, you hear noisy drumming music and see wine glasses and cooking utensils, you can deduce there is possible joyous celebration and feasting, if not about marriage, then it could be about feasting guests and drinking merrily.            If deducing timing of events happening, you need to observe the Gua imagery and numerals. Firstly must relate the Gua to the season, year, month, date and time. Example: Xun about 5 days; Kun about 8 days; Li about 3 days; Kan about 6 days. You can deduce the rest similarly. If the event happening is suspected to be long, then you use the total of the whole hexagram to deduce; If the event happening is suspected to be short, then you use the number of the Yong gua that born the Ti gua as indication. For example Heaven over Earth Pi hexagram, upper gua is 1 plus lower gua is 8 = 9. Or, Marsh over Fire Ge hexagram, upper gua is 2 + lower gua 3 = 5. This method is foolproof. This concludes the method that utilizes observation of people as divination tool. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013         Concerning using resonance of birds and animals, they too can be accurate. If y hear a magpie chirping, you can deduce some joyous event is going to happen. If you hear a crow cackling you can deduce calamity is on the way. If during days of metal element branch, if see a cow together with a dog and pig, you can deduce there shall be harm coming to the animals of the house (or farm). If during a wood day you see a pig (hog), if involved in pig farming, surely will be successful. Geng day and Ding day sees hen (Xun wood) crowing or goat (Dui metal) crossing you path, you can predict something ominous and serious injury could happen. If Ji day sees a horse approaching, Ren day sees a pig nearby, you can predict there shall be a windfall.          If you see auspicious signs, surely all matters shall be auspicious and go smoothly and well. If you see ominous signs, surely all matters will meet with obstacles and beset with problems. Thus whenever divining about wealth and business luck, you must divine, analyse and deduce according to the signs and clues that you saw or heard. If divining about wealth, you see a money box or a safe, you can deduce auspiciousness. If you see a string (it was used as stringing ancient Chinese coins), it is also means good earning power. If see gold, silk cloth, or precious things you can be sure there will be success. If sees knives, swords or cutting tools, you can say it is not beneficial to wealth luck. Thus, when divining, if you see precious costly things, you can guess wealth luck is good; if you did not see such things, you can say it is not easy to benefit. During divination, if you see wholesome useful things, you can guess the result should be completely fulfilling. If you see broken unwholesome things, you can say the end shall not be satisfying.    ? Divining marriage is also the same. When divining marriage, if see a smooth round object, you can say it will be successfully held on the designated date. If you see a broken or damaged object, you can say the marriage may be cancelled halfway. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013      If you see firewood, it signifies worries and anxieties; If you see harvesting of grains, you can deduce there could be sorrowful things happening. If it is snapped wheat stalks, it could be sadness, sorrow and melancholy; If it is rice paddy, it is very strange things happening; If it is peas, beans and nuts it could be end with injury. If you see a pair of shoes, you can guess the result could be harmonious. If you see a set of chess or a chess game in progress and at same time you see a medicine shop, you can guess there shall be a n appointment (with somebody) coming soon.        If you see an ax and a metal saw, you can guess there shall be some renovation soon. If you see a store stockpiling food, you can guess there shall be a long distance travel coming up. If you are planning some business project, and you heard a bird chirping, your plans could be pipe dreams only. If divining business you heard sound of drums, your business may be empty promises only. When divining if you see someone rubbing his eyes and tears wet the eyelashes, you can deduce there could be tearful sad things happening. When divining if you see a knife smeared with blood, you can deduce there could be black magic of venomous insect to harm.            . After you had studied and understood the previous mentioned method of using signs and clues as resonance in you divination, you can easily perform divination for feasting and eating using the same formula. When you divine about eating, if you see water, you can guess there could be soup and wine. If the enquirer is immersed in water when asking the question, you can say the food would be stir fried, deep fried, roasted and broiled. If you see rice grain (or cooked rice) when divining, you can guess it may be a home cooked meal. If you see a kettle or pot with handles, you can guess there would be drinks with glass and some toasting is in order. Water resonates as fish prawns and all kinds of seafood. Earth resonates as beef, mutton, all kinds of meat, vegetables, noodles, pungent and hot food, steamed or boiled thick soup. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  Thus the above Endowment of Myriad Phenomena is only a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge and the examples here cannot cover the immense number of things in the world. Therefore, no matter how simple or how little the examples shown here please be informed that this text is merely showing the way how to utilize the vital element of resonance in your divination process. It is also an excellent guide that is easy to learn and practice. Therefore I hope you had enjoyed reading it and had benefitted much from it. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  4 INTRINSIC QUALITIES OF OPPOSING CHARACTER OF HEXAGRAMS  In this section we shall touch on the duality of the 64 hexagrams. The ancients had spent countless years researching the YiJing to try to get to the gist and essence of its philosophy. Even till today many scholars are still earnestly researching these 64 hexagrams. Although there are only 64 hexagrams, the knowledge, and philosophy contained within is so vast and immense that even 100 years from now, there would still be scholars researching the YiJing. Therefore please be informed that this section is only like a grain of sand in the vast expanse of  the Gobi desert. The YiJing’s depth is immeasurable and its vastness can be compared to the limitless expanse of space. However, please do not be daunted by this vastness, and continue to study and research the YiJing 64 hexagrams because to practice MeiHua YiShu effectively, you will need to have a wide knowledge and deep understanding of it. The text below is all about the opposing character of hexagrams. Although it is only a tiny part of the vast knowledge of the YiJing, nonetheless, it should be of some help in your MeiHua divination analysis. You should also give some thought to learning more about the YiJing and the vast knowledge embedded within.  Qian (#1) robust and strong, Kun (#2) soft and pliant, are both opposing essence. Bi gua (#8) happy and joyful, Kun gua (#47) worries and anxiety.  Lin gua (#19) Guan gua (#20) Meng (#4) gua means to cheat, Tun gua (#3) has no loss.  Da Chu gua (#26) is born from fortune, If meet Wu Wang (#25), is the beginning of disaster.  Sheng (#46) gua if gone will never return, Cui (#45) gua means ‘to assemble’ and does not go away. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013   Qian (#15) is humble unassuming with self esteem, Yu (#16) is rude and disrespectful. Zhen (51) gua is dynamic motion, and Gen (#52) is stillness.  Dui (#58) gua means encountering disaster on the outside, Sui (#17) in front, Kan (#29) behind can seek temporary ease.  Bo (#23) peel off to remove decay, Fu (#24) means to ‘self reborn’. Gu gua (#18) means to earnestly reform oneself.  Ming Yi (#36) internally bright and meets with injury, Jin (#35) externally bright and with sensibility.  Yi (#42) going to be luxuriant, Sun (#41) falls into decline. Xian (#31) is fast, Heng (#32) is slow, Huan (59) means flee far away.  Tong Ren (#13) internally close knit, Kui (#39) externally distant (of family relationship), Jie (# 40) gua is unhurried and leisurely, Jian (39) is difficult to initiate.  Li (#30) means beautiful and elegant, Gen (52) means bright illumination. Dun (#33) retreats inwards, Gou (#44) means to meet (or encounter).  Da You (#14) is said to be numerous, Feng (#55) is said to be many, Kan (#29) gua means to Lu (#10) (tread on) danger, Zhen (51) gua is to rise up.  Xu (#5) does not advance, Song (#6) mean unsettled, Ji Ji (63) surely no more worries in the end. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013   Wei Ji (#64) is the gua that represents the end of a cycle, The verse of Gui Mei (54) means the start of returning.  Pi (#12) gua is more about going than coming, Tai (#11) gua is more about coming than going.  Ge (#49) means to do away with the old, Ding (#50) means to start anew. Xiao Chu (#9) means solitary and weak, Shi Ke (#21) means to eat and devour.  Lu (#56) means to stay away from home for long time, Da Guo (#28) is to reverse. Guai (43) gua clearly means quick benefits.  Thus need to study every word meticulously, of the various gua’s opposing character. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  5 ANALYSING A DIVINATION WITH YAO VERSE There is a method in MeiHua divination analysis that you can make use of Yao verse of the YiJing text to deduce. This method is sort of an alternative or last resort method if eventually you could not decide on the outcome of the divination. The standard method of analysis and deduction of a MeiHua divination is still based on elemental interaction of the BaGua generally and in particular the interaction between the Yong gua and the Ti gua. This is the standard procedure. However, there could be times when you are stumped as to what to decide as the final result of the divination. For example, Yong born Ti as auspicious the divined matter would be auspicious or successful. Ti born Yong as depletion of Qi and the divined matter would not be successful. But, you may ask, how unsuccessful would that be? If it is Yong gua ke Ti gua, generally you would deduce as the matter is not beneficial to enquirer. If it is Ti ke Yong, you will say it is beneficial to the enquirer. But then you may also ask how beneficial or detrimental would it be? Let us retrace back to some of my teachings. I had said you may also deduce from the Gua images what is the possible result of your divination. However, even from the images conjured up by the hexagram you are sometimes stumped by it because the actual final result was not what you guessed from observing the image. A. Here I’d like to show an example how: For example you had a resultant hexagram of Water over Fire Ji Ji (hexagram #63) in a divination about a lost document. The moving line was line 2. In divining for lost items, the Yong gua represents the lost item. Fire is Yong gua and it represents the document. The image conjured up by the hexagram Water over Fire is that it could mean the document is wet and possible in a tub or in a drain. The final hexagram was Ti ke Yong, which accordingly means that you can still find it reasonably fast. So you set out to search your bathroom and surrounding ditches. But alas you could not find it. th You were desperate. But on the 7 day, like magic, you found it among you pile of household bills. So, let us look at the text verse and see if there is any clue: Thus, the Zhouyi text of JiJi hexagram 63, moving line 2 says: . ... “The second six, divided, (shows its subject as) a wife who has lost her (carriage) screen. There is no occasion to go in pursuit of it. In seven days she will find it.” ( Translation by James Legge) This example shows how you can make use of one or two points in a verse as an alternative source of information to help you analyse your divination hexagrams. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  B. Second example on how the verse can give a clue. For example you made a divination about a possible business joint venture and from the outcome of the divination you feel it is quite unclear and is stumped for making a clear cut deduction. You had divined: Initial hexagram Intermediate hexagram Resultant hexagram Xun over Zhen….Yi hexagram (#42), moving line 4. Gen over Kun…. Bo hexagram (#23) Qian over Zhen…Wu Wang hexagram (#25) From the trigram interaction you can see the Initial hexagram is wood over wood. Both upper and lower guas are the same. Thus there is no good or bad. The Intermediate hexagram has upper earth over lower earth. Both are same element thus it is neutral. The resultant hexagram has Qian metal as Yong gua, controlling Zhen wood as Ti gua. Thus the result of this divination, if looking at the surface indication, would mean the potential joint venture may result in the enquirer receiving the short end. But both Initial and Intermediate hexagrams showed neutral energies which means it is neither good nor bad. So you may want to make sure your final deduction of the divination can be as accurate as possible so that you do not mistakenly gave a wrong advice to your client. So what do you do? The answer is: refer to the ZhouYi text to find a clue. In this case the hexagram was Wu Wang. The texts are as follows. The ZhouYi main text of WuWang hexagram # 25: . . . . “Innocence. Supreme success. Perseverance furthers. If someone is not as he should be, He has misfortune, and it does not further him to undertake anything.” ( Translation by Richard Wilhelm) Moving line 4, the verse is: . . “Nine in the fourth place means: He who can be persevering remains without blame.” (Translaton by Richard Wilhelm) From these two verses, you can see that it has given a clue that if your client persevers, whatever disadvantage he may suffer in the joint venture, if he perseveres, he may one day enjoy the success. In conclusion, you can see that in this section there is a teaching about not being too rigid and inflexible when practicing MeiHua YiShu. In spite of MeiHua being a method that depends heavily on gua element interaction to deduce the outcome, you can still refer to the ZhouYi text for clues and inspiration. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  6 SECRET OF NUMERALS AS TI When we do a divination, we are required to make a decision as to which element rules the hexagrams and after identifying it, we use it as the main Body element (Ti). The rest shall be the Yong. Generally, we use the gua without a moving line as Ti, and the gua with the moving line as Yong. However, this is a special situation, when we determine the Ti gua and Yong gua differently. This method is called using quantity to determine Ti and Yong. Trigram element quantity: For example, there are many Qian in all the three hexagrams - Initial, Intermediate and Resultant. Thus Qian metal is the overwhelming gua element in the hexagrams, and we can use it as the Ti for analysis and deduction. So the Qian metal as Ti, thus Ti is strong and robust. Or there are many Kun gua in the hexagrams. Thus Kun becomes the overwhelming gua as Ti, and Kun earth is soft and supple in nature. You can use the above examples to determine the other Ti gua elements and its characteristic. Yao lines quantity: Another method is different from counting number of trigrams. This method involves the counting of Yang and Yin yao lines, to determine which has more lines. For example in the three hexagrams, there are more Yang lines than yin, thus you can determine that that the Ti is more Yang than Yin, or vice versa. This is a bit straight forward, in that immediately you can deduce the matter being divined is more Yang or more Yin in nature. If more Yang lines the matter could be ‘robust and strong’ in nature such as hard metal. If more Yin lines the matter could be ‘soft or pliable’ in nature such as cotton cloth or leafy plants. Another example: If you are divining about pregnancy and birth, and when you get more Yang lines, chances is very high that the baby is a boy. Another advantage in determining Ti via Yao lines is for example, the moving line is in lines 5 or 6, you can guess the matter could involve a flying object such as a bird, an insect, a helicopter or even an airplane. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  7 OBSERVATION OF MATTERS VIA TRANSFORMATION OF YAO Whenever we analyze a divined set of three hexagrams to look for eventual clues, we normally look at the Yong gua of the Initial hexagram and what it transforms into in the Resultant hexagram. We do not need to look at the Intermediate hexagram. Here you would need to look at the moving line in the trigram (Yong gua) of the Initial hexagram and see what it eventually transformed into in the Resultant hexagram, and deduce what is the possible nature or outcome of the object(s). For example, in the Initial hexagram, the lower trigram Qian is the Yong gua. a. If the upper line of this Qian gua is moving, thus it transforms into Dui. From Qian to Dui is hard metal to soft metal. You can guess it could be some form of metal object, tool, or equipment that possible has an open top, or has a chipped part. b. If the middle line of this Qian gua is moving, thus it will transform into Li gua. You can deduce that the object is metal and molded by fire, molten metal or metal welded together. c. If the lower line of this Qian gua is moving, thus the transformed gua will be Xun gua. From Qian metal to Xun wood, conjures up an image of metal paring wood. So you can guess the eventual object could be wooden articles shaped by metal cutting tools. You can use the same method as mentioned above to deduce the other trigrams’ transformation and eventual objects. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  8 OBSERVATION OF MATTERS IN RESPONSE FULFILMENT In the analysis of the outcome of a divination, you need to deduce the response fulfillment of  your divination. There are two aspects: one concern the timing and the other concerns observed correlated objects. Generally the analysis revolves around the Ti and Yong gua interaction, and Initial and Resultant hexagram interaction to find possible outcomes and related objects. Here we shall explore the two aspects. Timing: Example: you had divined a Zhen over Li during spring. In spring Zhen wood is prosperous and Li fire is strong. Zhen is wood, Li can be flowers. Thus you can see the image of a flowering plant or blooming flowers of a plant. If in summer you divined Zhen over Zhen Thunder gua, you can guess the object can produce sound or is a noisy object. Or you can guess there shall be thunderstorms (especially in places where summer rain generally have thunder and lightning). You can use the above example for deducing hexagrams of other seasons. Observed correlated objects: This is exactly like the method taught in Part 7, Theory of Profound 10 Resonance. When you see an external clue that is round, you can guess the object of the divination could be round. If  you see an object that is wet, you deduce there is water or watery objects, etc. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  9 EXAMPLES OF OBSERVATION OF MATTERS USING YI The highest level of MeiHua YiShu is  – ‘spontaneous divination’. Here the word Yi means YiJing or ZhouYi. What is meant by spontaneous divination? Spontaneous divination means the diviner can at any time, with anything that he can see and hear, and then make a spontaneous divination that can spontaneously tap into the profound universal energy and the natural flow of events. In the process of analyzing the raised hexagrams  – Initial, Intermediate and Resultant, the diviner can “see” through the hexagrams and obtain much information, that otherwise is not apparently physically seen or known beforehand. Example 1: A diviner, seeing a bamboo cage, divined Earth over Heaven Tai hexagram ( #11), moving line 1. The intermediate hexagram is Zhen over Dui, Gui Mei hexagram #54. The Resultant hexagram is Earth over Wind, Sheng hexagram #46. He predicted that the thing inside the cage is a plant with green leaf and yellow roots. Sure enough, after opening the bamboo cage, he saw a plant with green leaves and yellow roots inside. How did he know there is such a thing inside the bamboo cage? Very simple. He based his prediction on the Yao verse of the Initial hexagram and the image conjured up by the Intermediate hexagrams: a. Tai hexagram, moving line # 1: “. . .” (loosely translated as: - “first nine, collecting of pulled out grass for eating”) b. The image of the Intermediate hexagram is Zhen as green plant, and Dui as marsh, where marshy plants generally have yellowish brown roots. Thus the diviner applied both ZhouYi’s yao verse and gua imagery to predict the item inside the bamboo cage. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  Example 2: Someone placed an item inside a bronze bell and let others predict what is inside. The hexagram raised was Fire over Wind, Ding hexagram #50. Moving line 6. Intermediate hexagram is Heaven over Marsh, Lv hexagram #10. Resultant hexagram is Thunder over Wind, Heng hexagram #32. A diviner predicted: “Inside is a precious valuable item, round in shape and yellow in color that it is a useful item, but it is broken.” This prediction is also based on the following reasoning: The Yao verse of hexagram Ding stated: “.. . “ This verse is loosely translated as: “upper nine. Tripod cauldron with jade hook. Great auspiciousness, beneficial.” The actual meaning of this verse is: “the culinary arts had reached the peak of perfection”. Thus it is a luxurious and enjoyable item. Intermediate hexagram has Qian gua that depicts a precious valuable thing such as gold or jade, and its color can be yellow. The Dui lower gua depicts an item that has a broken or chipped off  edge. Upon lifting up the bronze bell to reveal the item, sure enough, it was a broken jade wine cup! So, in conclusion, from the above examples, you had learnt about the use of Yao verse coupled with gua imagery to make a prediction. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013  10 IRON CLAD PREDICTION OF MATTERS This is the concluding lesson of Part 10, the last part of this MeiHua divination course. You had all learnt about the different methods of raising a hexagram and the different approaches to analyze and deduce the information contained within the hexagrams. You are given the translations to all the essential MeiHua classics that hold the many secrets of  MeiHua divination. You are now equipped with the highest level of skill in MeiHua divination. With the skill you had learnt, you shall now be able to make iron-clad predictions. Here, I would like to include a last teaching about “guessing” of characteristic of items based on trigrams. If you have a Qian gua you can guess it is a strong hard item such as gold or jade, and it can be white in color. If the Qian gua qi is strong, it can be valuable items such as gold or jade. If it is a Gen gua, you can deduce it could be something from the earth or made of earth, such as porcelain, tiles, bricks, etc. Its color is yellow. If Gen gua qi is strong it is a completely whole finished item. If Gen gua qi is waning and weak, it could be a broken incomplete item and maybe it is an edible item. If it is a Kan gua, you can guess it could be dark blue or black in color, associated with water, and is pliable and soft. It it is a Dui gua you can guess it is a strong hard item, and it could be an open top item. It could also be an item with missing corners or broken. If it is a Kun gua, you can guess it could be a product of the earth or earth grown items. Its color is yellow, soft and warm. If gets Li gua, you can say it is an internally soft and supple item. If divined in summer, it could have the power to burn into ashes Zhen and Xun gua items, or it can be some very precious valuable items. If gets Zhen gua, it would be a plant that is green and with roots. It could be straight and rigid, and easily chopped with metal tools. If divined in spring, it could be too hard and can blunt metal tools. If gets Xun gua, it is soft and pliable in nature. If in spring, it could be green lush and fresh. Thus Qian Dui divined in Autumn, Li in summer, Zhen Xun in Spring, Kan in winter, and Gen Kun in earth months, will all show robust and strong characteristics. With this the whole MeiHua YiShu course has come to an end. I sincerely hope you had learnt much from this course and will someday be a highly skilled diviner. Thank you. Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013 