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Navsari- Surat's Twin City




NAVSARI Surat’s twin city A large number of diamond units have come up in Navsari Large number of migrants to the city for  (          T           N           o       employment. H           A         8         h m          Sur   )          e       d           atNH 6 a       • • • T o         A       h       m     e     d       a     b       a     d       b         a       d           Bardoli NH 6 S H  H  19 6  6   8 8  H  S Navsa ri T o         B       o     m     b       a       y      Bilimor  ( N           T o         H       B o         8       m      )        b       a       y           8      8      H      S NH 6  S H  1 9 6 NAVSARI OUTGROWTH POPULATION DISTRIBUTION (MUNICIPALITY & OUTGROWTH) STATE LEVEL STA LEVE L INSTITUTION INST ITUTIONAL AL FRAMEWORK IN IN GUJARAT: Role of Development Authority:  The prime objective of the Development Authorities is to carry out the sustained and planned development of the area, failing just outside the municipal limit. • • For Municipal Corporation – Urban Development Authority (UDA), For MunicipalityArea Development Authority (ADA). • • ROLE OF AN AREA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY INEQUALITY ISSUE BETWEEN MUNICIP MUNICIPAL AL LIMIT & OUTGROWTH Association of urban Management & Development Authority In January 1983, the ‘Association ‘Association of Metropolitan Development Authorities’ Authorities’ (AMDA) was formed as a body with the active support of Development Development Authorities around the country and registered on 4 June, 1983 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.. 1860.. AMDA was formed as a focal point for exchange of ideas on urban planning and development. Consequent to the historic 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992 which devolved additional powers to urban local bodies, AMDA was restructured and titled as  ‘Association  ‘Association of Urban Management and Development Authorities’ Authorities’ (AMDA) on 7 March, 2005 to address issues pertaining to interface between state, municipal bodies and urban development authorities and to promote urban good governance. • • AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF AMDA To discuss matters of mutual interest to members To facilitate coordination amongst members for evolving common practices, norms and standards To facilitate exchange of information on various aspects relating r elating to urban development and develop an urban information system To enrich knowledge in the field of urban planning and development To disseminate knowledge on urban planning and development through seminars, conferences, newsletters and other publications To foster the development of a more responsive and efficient urban administration in the context of rapid urban growth To carry out research into matters conducive to improvement in the efficiency of municipalities and development authorities To organize training programme for upgrading the skills of officials of member organizations with special emphasis on the latest technical tools To provide consultancy services to member organizations of the Association and to other bodies, and To emerge as a think-tank on matters related to urban good governance in the context of District • • • • • • • • • • Outgrowth ULB Limit ULB Limit Present Outgrowth Include under Development Authority ULB Limit Development takes place just outside the development boundary Boundary of  Development Authority ULB Limit ULB Limit Extended Boundary of  development authority Boundary of  Development Authority to include outgrowth No N.A. permission zone (for certain time) Understanding of  Manage Basic Infrastructure to Outgrowth Some issues in development authrity financial working As DA gets enough funds from state or by its functioning means, so it dosent charge any taxes on any of the services. • • But if it start collecting tax for its services then it would gain more profit. • BROAD PROPOSAL FOR INSTITUTIONAL SETUP TO ACCOMMODATE URBAN SPRAWL Option 1 (Start from State Level) Option 2 (Start from State Level) Option 3 (Start from ULB Level) The Powers and functions of an Area development authority 1. To undertake the preparation of development plans for the development area 2. To undertake the preparation and execution of town planning schemes under the provisions of this Act, if so directed by the State Government 3. To carry out surveys in the development area for the preparation of development plans or town planning schemes 4. To guide, direct and assist the local authority or authorities and other statutory authorities functioning in the development area in matters pertaining to the planning, development and use of  urban land 5. To control the development activities in accordance with the development plan in the development area 5.1 To levy and collect scrutiny fees for scrutiny of  documents submitted to the appropriate appropriate authority for permission permission for development as may be prescribed by regulations 6. To execute works in connection with supply of water, disposal of sewerage and provision of other services and amenities co llect such fees for the execution 6.1 To levy and collect execution of works referred referred to in clause (6) and for provision provision of other services and amenities as may be prescribed by regulations 7. To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of property , movable or immovable, as it may deem necessary 8. To enter into contracts, agreements or arrangements , with any local authority, person or organisation organisation as the urban development authority may consider necessary for performing its functions 9. To carry any development works in the development area as may be assigned to it by the State Government from time to time 10. To exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as are supplemental , incidental or consequential to any of the foregoing powers and functions or as may be directed by the State Government