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1. Informal Education  – This refers to the lifelong process of learning by which every person acquires and accumulates knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights from daily experiences at home, at work, at play and from life itself. 2. Integrated Schools  – chools that offer a complete basic education in one school site and has unified instructional program. !. elementar y, high school, Basic Education – "t covers early childhood education, elementary, alternative learning system and special needs education. #. Operating Officers – $ep%d officials who are directly involved in the implementation, evaluation and monitoring plans, programs and pro&ects of the department. '. Adults Learners – These are learners who are aged 2' years old and above who are illiterates or neo(literates who have either no access to formal education or have reverted to illiteracy. ). Schools Division Superintendent  – *e+she can appoint only teachers, school heads+principals and division education supervisors. .  – *e+she can direct the establishment of another new district Regional Director  – upon the recommendation of the chools $ivision uperintendent. -. Regional Director  –  – *e+she can exercise disciplinary action over the teaching personnel only. . Republic Act 91  – /n act that renamed the $%0 into $ep%d abolished the % 3ureau of hysical %ducation and chool ports4 and the transfer of the 5omisyon ng 6ikang ilipino, national *istorical "nstitute, 7ecords 8anagement and /rchives to the 9ational 0ommission for 0ulture and a nd /rts 3900/4. 1:. Republic Act 91  – 5nown as the ;overnance of %ducation /ct of 2::1 11.. Republic Act !9!"  – 5nown as the %arly 0hildhood 0are and $evelopment /ct 11 12. Republic Act 1"1#  – 5nown as the 5indergarten %ducation /ct 1!. Republic Act !$  – 5nown as the /dopt(a(chool /ct /ct of 11#. Republic Act #!%&  – 5nown as the hilippine Teachers rofessionalifficials and %mployees 1-. Republic Act #1&"  – 5nown as the =ocal ;overnment 0ode of 11 1. Republic Act #"'1  – 5nown as the ublication =aw 2:. Republic Act 91!'  – 5nown as the ;overnment rocurement 7eform /ct 21. Republic Act #&1"  – 5nown as the pecial rotection of 0hildren against  /buse, %xploitation and $iscrimination 22. Republic Act #!!"  – 5nown as the ?air and %quitable /llocation of the $%0 udget for 0apital >utlay 2!. Republic Act #!##  – 5nown as the /nti(exual *arassment /ct /ct of 1' 2#. Batas (ambansa $%$  – 5nown as the %ducation /ct of 1-2 2'. (residential Decree &"% – 5nown as the 0hild and @outh @outh 6elfare 0ode of the hilippines 2). )ommunit* Lin+ages  – "t is the learning environments that respond to the aspirations of the community domain of the 90T. 2. )areer Service – "t is based on merit and fitness determined as far as practicable by competitive examinations as based on highly technical qualifications. 2-. ,- 1 for % *ears and ,A academic re.uirements  – Aualifications to become a 8aster Teacher "". 2. -ransfer  –  – "t is the movement of the employee from one position to another which is of equivalent rank level or salary without break in the service. !:. (romotion – "t is the advancement of the employee from one position to another  with an increase in duties and responsibilities and usually accompanied by an increase in salary. !1. Reinstatement – "t is the issuance of an appointment to a person who has been previously appointed to a position in a career service and who has through no delinquency or misconduct, been separated therefrom exonerating him specifies restoration to his previous position. !2. Reassignment – "t is the movement of one employee from on organiffice and the field personnel in carrying out the teacher of the department. #!. DepEd Order7 ,emoranda and Bulletins  – These are issued by the $ep%d for directions and regulations for the information of or compliance by the field. ##. Recruitment – "t refers to the process of searching for and identifying &ob candidates in sufficient quality and quantity. #'. ,erit (romotion (lan  – This provides guidelines, policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and appointment. #). Learning ,anagement (lan  – "t is a document focused in learning composed of  the rofessional $evelopment lan of school head, professional development plan of teachers and student development activities. #. )ommunit* of (ractice 0)O(  – "t is a group of professionals+workers bound to one another based on common problems and pursuit of solutions. #-. Instructional Development  – "t is a means of determining the extent to which the application of a new skill+competency learned contributed to improving teaching and learning. #. 8ational Educators Academ* Academ* of the t he (hilippines 08EA(  – ?ormerly known as the 9ational %ducation =earning 0enter 39%=04. "t provides continuing strategic human resource development programs for school managers and leaders within the context of emerging legitimate demands. ':. ,entoring – "t is developmental, caring, sharing and helping relationships where one person invests time, know(how and effort in enhancing another personBs growth, knowledge and skills. '1. )ode of Ethical Standards  – "t defines the administrative disciplinary case as one wherein an official or employee of the government is prosecuted for an act or omission punishable as a non(penal offense as provided for in the 0ivil ervice =aw, /dministrative /dministrative =aw and other laws. '2. :rievance (rocedure – "t is referred to as workable procedure for determining or providing the best way to remedy the specific cause or causes of the grievance. '!. (ropert* Accountabilit* – "t is the obligation imposed by law on an official for keeping accurate records of property. '#. -he (rincipals :uidelines Regarding Standard Operating (rocedures for -eachers -e achers and Accounting of :overnment (ropert* – This is to enable the principal to group property management as applied to teachers in her particular school. ''. (erformance Indicators – "t refers to the several key indicators that can be computed and utilied (rogram  – "t is known as the pre(school education funded by the T/ and other organiffices and found to be eligible under the terms and conditions of this set of guidelines. 1:). Eligible Activities and E/penditure Items  – These are activities and expenditure items within the parameters set out in the 9% =oan /greement and which are recogniffice that outlines a proposed pro&ect and shows budgetary requirements and requests monetary assistance in the form of a grant. 1:-. Implementing @nits  – "t refers to the secondary schools that maintain separate book of accounts. 1:. 8on;implementing @nits  – "t refers to public elementary and secondary schools without separate book of accounts that are under the direct supervision of the division offices. 11:. ?igh (riorit* Divisions  – These refer to the #: highly challenged $ep%d divisions whose performance indicators have been computed as way below standards. 111. '(s (rogram – "t is a poverty reduction measure of the hilippine government that focuses on human capital investment in the poorest of the poor households in the country. 112. '(s Schools – These are public elementary schools within the municipalities covered by the #s program managed by $6$. 11!. #m / 9m classroom  – The conventional design of classroom to be adopted for all public elementary and secondary schools regardless of its location and class sin ;overnance ?or asic %ducation /nd 7egulations ;overning ublic chools Test 7eview 8aterials Read 9A%* – rincipalBs Test I4 :E8ERAL (ROISIO8S AH 6hat are the constitutional provisions relevant to public schools in basic educationI The following are the constitutional provisions relevant to public schools in basic educationH 1. JThe state shall protect and promote the right of all citirder 9o. !2  2::! provided that the principal will give assistance to the pupil+student to enroll in nearby school so as not to deprive him+her right to education. 2.1 AH hall state establish, maintain and support only basic educationI  /. 9o, because ec 2 324 /rt. /rt. L"M of the 1- 0onstitution 0onstitution mandates that the tate shall establish, maintain and support a complete adequate and integrated educational system relevant to the needs of the people and society and because ec. 1 /rt. L"M of the 0onstitution provides that the tate shall protect and promote the right of all ?ilipino 0itirder is not valid valid for being contrary to ec. 2 3!4 /rt. /rt. L"M of the 1- 0onstitution which provides for a free public elementary and secondary education and for being in violation of $ep%d >rder 9o. )'  2:1: which provides that for grade and year levels beyond grade #, no collection of any type should be undertaken during the enrollment period and the first month of classes and that starting on the second month of every school year, contributions may be collected but on a voluntary basis. #.1 AH $oes the government provide financial assistance to students s tudents in a public school who want to enroll in a private high schoolI  /. @es, @es, the government provides financial assistance to to public elementary school graduates belonging to the top fifty percent 3':N4 of the graduating class with an annual family income of 1::,:::.:: or less who wish to enroll in a private high school. #.2 AH *ow much is the financial assistanceI  /H The financial assistance is ',:::.:: ',:::.:: per student grantee outside 9ational 0apital 7egion 39074 and 1:,:::.:: within 907. #.! AH 6hat is this program that provides financial assistance to students and teachers in private educationI  /H This program providing for government assistance to students and teachers teachers in private school is called ;/T% which is provided by 7/ )2- as amended. '.1 AH "s there a need for alternative learning system in the hilippinesI  /H @es, @es, to provide all ?ilipinos ?ilipinos the chance to have access to basic education. '.2 AH *ow is learning provided under this alternative learning learning systemI  /H =earning may be provided thru the use of modules or by mobile teachers teachers using books and instructional materials. ).1 AH hall all public and private schools include the study of the 0onstitution as part of the curriculaI @es, @e s, because ec. ! 314 /rt. L"M of the 1- 0onstitution mandates that all educational institutions shall include the study of the constitution as part of their curricula. .1 AH "n what sub&ect in basic education are these value of patriotism, nationalism and other values taughtI  /H Malues Malues education or edukasyon sa pagpapahalaga. -.1 AH *ow do public and private institutions in the educational system complement one anotherI  /H tudents may transfer from a public school to a private private school and vice versaD both institutions follow at least the minimum standards and criteria set by the $epartment and both are under the reasonable supervision and regulation of the $epartment. .1 AH upposing 8r.  the uperintendent chools appointed 8r. ? a foreigner as the rincipal of a public high school. s chool. "s the appointment in orderI  /H 9o, for it is in violation violation of ec. # 324/rt. L"M of the the 1- 0onstitution which vests upon citib&ectives. • To provide knowledge and develop the skills, attitudes and values essential to personal development and necessary for living in, and contributing to, a developing and changing social milieuD • To provide learning experiences which shall increase the learnerBs awareness of, and responsiveness to, the changes and demands of society and prepare him+her for constructive and effective e ffective involvementD • To promote and intensify the learnerBs learne rBs knowledge of identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he+she belongsD and • To promote experiences which develop the learnerBs learnerB s orientation to the world of of work and creativity and prepare himself+herself to engage in honest and gainful work.K 1:.! AH 6hat is pecial 9eeds %ducationI  /H pecial 9eeds %ducation refers to the education of persons who are gifted or talented as well as those who have physical, mental, social or sensory impairment. uch group may require modifications of the school curricula, programs and special services and physical facilities to help them develop to their maximum capacity. AH 6hat shall be the aim of special educationI  /H Jpecial %ducation 3%$4 shall aim to develop the the maximum potential of the child with special needs to enable him to become self(reliant and gears towards providing him with the opportunities for a full and happy life.K AH 6hat shall be the ultimate goal of special educationI  /H JThe ultimate goal of special education education shall be the integration of learners with special needs into the regular school system and eventually in the community.K AH >n what is the curriculum for special needs education based and designedI  /H The curriculum for pecial 9eeds %ducation shall shall be based on the curriculum prescribed for the regular schools by the $epartment and designed to respond to the special needs of the following learners. • The 8entally *andicapped • The *earing "mpaired • The Misually "mpaired • The >rthopedically *andicapped • The 0hildren with ehavioral roblems AH 6hat are the schemes sc hemes or options that may be adopted for pecial 9eeds %ducation rogramI  /H The following schemes or options may be adopted for pecial 9eeds %ducation programH 8odified curriculum shall be prescribed for regular children with certain adaptations to meet the needs of special children. pecial curriculum shall be prescribed for children with special needs aimed primarily at developing adaptive skills to maximiffenders • The hilippine *igh chool for the /rts 1:.' AH 6hat is /lternative =earning ystemI  /H /lternative /lternative =earning ystem is a parallel learning system that provides viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction. "t encompasses both the non( formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills. olicy, rinciples and =evels of ;overnance olicy, for asic %ducation """. ;>M%79/90% ?>7 /"0 %$E0/T">9 11 AH 6hat is the tate olicy on the right of citiffice >ffice and ?ield >ffices >ffices 1!.2 AH 6hat are the ma&or services of the $ep%d 0entral >ffice and their respective functionsI  /H The ma&or services of $ep%d 0entral >ffice >ffice and their respective functions are the followingH 1. /dministrative • >ffice of the $irector  • ;eneral ervices $ivision • $ental 0linic • 8edical • 7adio 0ommunication 9etwork Enit • ecurity ervice Enit • 7ecords $ivision • roperty $ivision • Teachers 0amp 2. ?inancial 8anagement ervice • udget $ivision • ayroll ervices $ivision • ystems $ivision • 8anagement $ivision • 0ash $ivision !. *uman 7esource $evelopment ersonnel $ivision  – ro&ect  – %mployees 6elfare and enefits $ivision $ivision  – taff $evelopment $ivision $ivision  – pecial rograms  – rograms #. lanning • ro&ect $evelopment and %valuation $ivision • 7esearch and tatistics $ivision 37$4 and $atabase 8anagement Enit 3$8E4 • hysical ?acilities chools and %ngineering $ivision '. Technical ervice • 8aterials roduction and $ivision ublication $ivision • %ducational "nformation $ivision •  /udio(Misual $ivision • %ducational Technology Technology Enit ). =egal 1!.# AH 6hat are the ureaus of the $epartment and their respective functionsI  /H The ureaus of the $epartment comprise of the followingH 1. ure u reau au of of %lem %lemen enta tary ry %du %duca cati tion on 2. ure u reau au of e eco cond ndar ary y %du %duca cati tion on !. ureau ure au of /l /lter ternat native ive =ea =earni rning ng ys ystem tem 3/ 3/=4 =4 1!.' AH 6hat do the 0enters of the $epartment compromise of and what are their functionsI  /H The 0enters of the $epartment each each headed by a $irector comprise of the following with their respective functionsH 1. The 9atio 9ational nal %duc %ducati ation on Te Testi sting ng and 7ese 7esearch arch 0ent 0enter er 39%T70 39%T7044 2. choo c hools ls *ea *ealt lth h and and 9utr 9utrit itio ion n 0ent 0enter er 3 *9 *904 04 !. %ducational %ducat ional $evelo $evelopment pment ro&ect ro&ects s "mpleme "mplementing nting Task ?orce ?orce 3%$" 3%$"T/ T/?4 ?4 #. 9ation 9at ional al cience cience Te Testi sting ng "nstru "nstrumen mentat tation ion 0ente 0enterr 39T"04 39T"04 '. "nstru "ns tructi ctiona onall 8ate 8ateria rials ls 0ounc 0ouncilil ec ecret retari ariat at 3"8 3"804 04 ). 9ation 9at ional al %duc %ducato ators rs /c /cade ademy my of of the the hil hilipp ippine ines s 39%/ 39%/44 1!.) AH 6hat are the ?ield >ffices of $ep%dI  /H $ep%d ?ield >ffices >ffices consist of 7egional >ffices, $ivision $ivision >ffices and ublic chool and =earning 0enters. 1#.1 AH 6hat shall the ecretary exercise over the operation of the $epartmentI  /H >verall authority and supervision over the operation of the $epartment. AH 6hat are the powers, duties and responsibiliti responsibilities es of the ecretaryI  /H "n addition to his+her powers under existing laws, laws, the ecretary of %ducation shall have authority, accountability and responsibility for the followingH 1. ?orm ?o rmul ulat atin ing g nation national al educa educati tion onal al polic policie iesD sD 2. ?orm ?o rmul ulat atin ing g a natio nationa nall basic basic educa educati tion on planD planD !. rom r omul ulga gati ting ng natio nationa nall educat educatio iona nall tandar tandards ds #. 8onito 8on itoring ring G /sses /ssessin sing g natio national nal lea learni rning ng outc outcomes omesDD '. Endert End ertaki aking ng nati nationa onall educat education ional al rese research arch and stu studie diesD sD ). %nhanci %nha ncing ng the employ employment ment stat status, us, profes professio sional nal compet competenc ence, e, welfar welfare e and working conditions of all personnel of the $epartmentD and . %nhancing %nhanci ng the the total total develo development pment of learners learners throug through h local local and and nationa nationall programs programs and+or pro&ects. AH *ow many undersecreta undersecretaries ries and assistant secretaries shall assist the ecretaryI  /H The ecretary of %ducation shall be assisted by not more than four 3#4 undersecretaries and not more than four 3#4 assistant secretaries whose assignments duties and responsibilities shall be governed by law. AH /re the powers of the ecretary limited to those enumerated in ec. / of 7/ 1''I  /H 9o. ecause ec. / of 7/1'' expressly provides that the powers enumerated therein are only in addition to his+her powers under existing laws. 1#.2 AH "s there a limit to the number of regional officesI officesI  /H 9o. ecause Jthere shall be as many regional offices offices maybe provided by law.K law.K AH *ow are regional offices createdI  /H y =aw. AH 6hat is the composition of a regional office and where are they locatedI  /H "t is composed of provincial and city schools divisions divisions and it has a $irector, an  /ssistant $irector and an office staff staff for programs, promotion and support, planning, administrative and fiscal services. 7egion "M(/ is composed of 1# divisions di visions 1. 0alamba 0i 0ity 2. 0avite 0ity !. 0avite #. =aguna '. =ucena 0ity ). =ipa 0ity . Aues4 to implement /= programs. #. /ssisting /ssist ing in the the identif identificati ication on of commun community(ba ity(based sed 9;>s 9;>s which could be tapped tapped as service providers for the basic literacy, accreditation and equivalency programs and other community development efforts. '. upervising upervi sing the organi< organis and other government agencies and monitor implementation ). 8onitoring 8onit oring the formul formulation ation of school school improv improvement ement plans and consoli consolidate date fundin funding g requirements of programs and pro&ects to be presented to the 8unicipal chool oard . rovidi rov iding ng technic technical al support support to schoo schooll heads in expen expendit ditures ures docum document entati ation on and liquidation of cash advances. -. 0oordinating 0oordin ating data gather gathering ing effo efforts rts of schools and communi community ty learning learning center centers s in the district. . Endertaking Endert aking data verif verificati ication on in in coordinat coordination ion with with the divisio division n planning planning unit 1:. erform erforming ing such other other functions functions as may be assigned assigned by proper proper authoriti authorities. es.