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Introduction to TWNIC RMS (Resource Management System) 15th APNIC NIR Meeting David Chen [email protected] Feb 26, 2003 Taiwan Network Information Center Agenda        An Overview of TWNIC RMS What does TWNIC RMS do ? How TWNIC RMS processes ? Functions of TWNIC RMS Advantages of TWNIC RMS Deployment Schedule Summary © Taiwan Network Information Center An Overview of TWNIC RMS TWNIC RMS SmartFlow TWNIC Member FTP APNIC Mail WHOIS V3 © Taiwan Network Information Center • • • • Process Modeling Process Execution Process Monitoring Integration Non-Member Hostmaster What does TWNIC RMS do ? Provide Internet resources application interface to TWNIC member, non-member and hostmaster – IPv4 、 IPv6 address and ASN application – Reverse domain Maintenance – WHOIS database Maintenance   Provide Internet resources administration interface to TWNIC hostmaster TWNIC RMS not only provides Internet resource management but also integrates all Internet resource information together © Taiwan Network Information Center TWNIC RMS System Architecture Client Tier Middle Tier Application 1 Apache Tomcat Application 2 J DB D HTML XML EJB Sevlet Container Container Solaris © Taiwan Network Information Center Application 3 JBOSS JSP Container Browser Client Data Tier B FTP C Solaris How TWNIC RMS processes ? (1)  3-Tier structure – Client Tier     – Web-based interface Ftp function using web interface trigger Mail-based parsing API for C library or Perl module Middle Tier    Web Server (Apache server) AP Server (JBOSS open source) J2EE API and JMX (Java Management eXtension) © Taiwan Network Information Center How TWNIC RMS processes ? (2) – Data Tier   Database Management System File System Development – – – – tool – SmartFlow Engine Developed by III Taiwan (Institute for Industry Information) Pure Java Language Graphic user interface to define work flow and control Flexible redefine capability © Taiwan Network Information Center How TWNIC RMS processes ? (3) User Interface & Local Desktop Applications Process/Activity Mgt Individual activity steps Distribution Function Business Process Applications Databases Integrate manpower、information、resource step by step or parallel to process work © Taiwan Network Information Center Functions of TWNIC RMS (1)  Client – – – – – – – – – TWNIC member application (new) IPv4/IPv6 address & ASN application (enhance) WHOIS query (enhance) Person and Network object maintenance (enhance) Reverse domain Maintenance (enhance) Ticket status query (new) API Interface (enhance) Member- specific statistics (enhance) Billing (new) © Taiwan Network Information Center Functions of TWNIC RMS (2)  Administration – – – – – – Account management (enhance) IP address & ASNs maintenance (enhance) Resource Tracking System (new) Statistics (enhance) Accounting (new) WHOIS Database query (enhance) © Taiwan Network Information Center Functions of TWNIC RMS RMS Client User RMS Administration Apply for Membership IP application ASN application WHOIS Query Account management IP Management ASN Management Statistics System administration Resource Tacking System Accounting IP / ASN allocated fee Ticket Status Query IPv4/IPv6 Network Contact Person Maintain Member Information API Interface IP Reverse Maintain Announcement Statistics Smart Flow © Taiwan Network Information Center WHOIS Database query Advantages of TWNIC RMS (1)  Member & Non-member – – – – – – – Friendly web base interface On-line help Ticket No. and status checking Reminding member fee due day Quickly and precisely response query Enhance statistics for each member Announcement for specific member © Taiwan Network Information Center Advantages of TWNIC RMS (2)  Hostmaster – – – – – – – Real time alert at new applications’ arrival Integrate all application documents into one data storage Ticketing System for tracking status Member accounting easier Quicker response query Enhanced statistics for all resources Smart bulletin board system © Taiwan Network Information Center Schedule of TWNIC RMS  First stage – Feb 15, 2003 –  Second Stage - Jun 30, 2003 –  Full system Third Stage – Jul 31, 2003 –  Prototype system Testing and Checking Planned to be On-line on Aug 1, 2003 © Taiwan Network Information Center Summary TWNIC RMS integrates all Internet resource management in one system  TWNIC RMS keeps Internet resource application open and fair  TWNIC RMS manages Internet resource efficiently  TWNIC RMS provides better customer service TWNIC RMS saves hostmaster loading and makes life easier  © Taiwan Network Information Center Thank You © Taiwan Network Information Center