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Rules And Procedures Of Branch Change

Rules and Procedures of Branch Change at IIT (BHU)




Draft Proposal for Change of Discipline Back Ground The students admitted to different IITs are offered admissions in different undergraduate Science, Engineering and Pharmacy programmes depending on the ranking in JEE examinations and number of available seats in such programmes in different Institutes. These offers are made as per the choices filled by the students; however, generally an option is given to the admitted students in different IITs to apply for a change of programmes during the course of study. Different IITs are having differ ent rules and procedures for the same. From the academic sessions 2014-15 IIT (BHU) has implemented new UG Curriculum inculcating concepts of Research and Innovation Weaved (RINWE) Education.   It is a new generation curriculum for engineering and Pharmacy education totall y different from the earlier Curriculum. The salient features of this curriculum are: 1. There is sufficient flexibility flexibilit y in the curriculum which can serve the diversified needs of different programmes and the students. 2. There are large number of Foundation Institute Science, Engineering and Humanities Courses. These courses serve to provide breadth of knowledge in science, technology and humanities. Flexibility is given to different Programmes or Departments / Schools for selection and scheduling of these courses in different semesters. 3. Project oriented specialized research and innovations areas are being identified in different disciplines/ departments, departments, known as streams  so that interested students optionally pursue research and innovation in these through projects. 4. The students will be made aware of the scope of the discipline as well as streams at the earliest. It led to: 1. The design of different programme structures for different discipline for the course of study of first two semesters (1st  Year). The students of different disciplines are studying different Institute Science, Engineering and Humanities Courses along with a few Departmental courses. 2. The students admitted to UGD and IDD programme in Pharmacy are also having same background and studying similar courses as the students admitted in UGD, IDD and IMD programmes in Engineering. Taking into considerations these of facts following guidelines are proposed by UGCRC for change of discipline: Guidelines for Change of Discipline Student will be allowed change of programme on the basis of his/her academic performance subject to strength constraints of the of different UGD/IDD/IMD programmes of different Departments/Schools, using the guidelines given below. Change of programme is a privilege and not a right. Foreign Nationals who have been sponsored by their respective Governments and/or Government of India for specific courses are not e ligible for change of programme. A. At the end of Semester II: 1. Eligibility criteria a) The student should have passed all first year courses and her/his CPI at the end of 2 nd semester should be ≥ 8.0.  b) The merit of the students will be determined on the basis of Performance Index (PI) determined on the basis grades of Institute Science and Institute Engineering courses only. 2. Strength and other constraints While making the change of branch of a student, the number of students in a class should not fall below the existing number of students by more than 10% and should not exceed the sanctioned number of students by more than 10%. The change of discipline/branch will be there from one discipline to other within their respective programmes only i.e. the students of 4-year programmes may change disciplines within 4-year programmes and the students of 5-year programmes may change disciplines within 5-year programmes only. Student admitted through Preparatory Course shall not be permitted change for change of discipline. 3. Procedure Students, who are expecting to full fill the above eligibility criteria, will make applications for change of discipline towards the end of second semester to the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. After the declaration of the 2nd semester results and before the beginning of the Summer Term Chairman, SUGC will decide and notify the change of discipline. As many programme changes as possible will be granted in decreasing order of Performance Index (PI) to applicants, subject to eligibility and strength constraints of the  programmes. Each DUGC will decide whether the students getting a change in respective discipline will complete the requirement of passing the Departmental Core (DC) courses offered in 2nd semester, before the start of 3rd semester i.e. in Summer Term or they will be allowed to complete this requirement of passing that DC course later in 3 rd and/or 4th semester as over load or otherwise. There may also be difference of Institute Science and Institute Engineering courses from his/her old programmes with his/her new programme. In such cases the DUGCs may direct the students for study the courses of respective programmes or considering that the other courses studied by the students also serve the breadth requirement for their programme may allow waiver on case to case basis. The students permitted the change of discipline will do as per the resolutions of respective DUGCs of the respective Departments and Schools. B. From B. Tech./B. Pharm. to Integrated Dual-degree B. Tech. - M. Tech. / B. Pharm.-M. Pharm. in the same discipline The student may submit their application for change of programme from B.Tech. /B. Pharm. to Integrated Dual-degree programme within the same discipline by July 01 before the date of registration for the students in 7th semester or any time earlier. The applications submitted after July 01 and during the 7th semester may also be considered provided that the student  presents his/her academic plan to complete the B. Tech. - M. Tech. /B. Pharm.-M. Pharm. requirements without violating his ongoing (7th )semester academic registration. 1. Eligibility criteria a) The applicant should have a minimum CPI* of 6.5 at the time of application.  b) Change of programme can be granted on specific positive recommendation of DUGC. 2. Procedure These applications are considered by SUGC on a case-to-case basis, and recommendations are sent to the Chairman, Senate for final approval. *This requirement may be relaxed up to 6.0 in evidence of exceptional research potential. In such cases, the application will be reported to the Senate.