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Transcad Modelling

Descripción: TransCAD Modelling




 Tips,, T  Tips  Trips rips,, and T and Traps raps of TransCAD Modeling LSA Associates, Inc. September 2001 Nort Carolina M!" Conference Agenda  #$ Model%  #$ &'risdictions Con(ert to TransCAD%  2  Te Transportation Transportation Model  )IS De(eloper*s +it  Applications Agenda  #$ Model%  #$ &'risdictions Con(ert to TransCAD%  2  Te Transportation Transportation Model  )IS De(eloper*s +it  Applications #$ Model% #$ do e model te transportation transporta tion netor-% #$ Model%      4  To consider te eects  To eects of land 'se, transportation, and air /'alit$  To  T o determine determine infrastr'ct're infrastr'ct're needs, costs, and timing as grot occ'rs  To  T o anal$e land 'se and transportation alternati(es  To  T o pro(ide a consistent platform platform for tra(el forecasting e/'ired b$ te federal go(ernment for metropolitan areas  Te istor$ of Tra(el 3orecasting Aggregate Models 50’s 60’s and 70’s 80’s and 90’s 00’s 5 3e ones Ma4or iga$ planning onl$ Comp'ters a(ailable to large agencies Comp'ter cip tecnolog$ ad(ances 3ederal go(ernment sponsorsip  Tra(el bea(ior s'r(e$s idespread 6asic transit capabilit$ Sift to microcomp'ters More ones Detailed transit and "5 models #indos7based More disaggregation and detail )IS7based models Microsim'lation #$ &'risdictions Con(ert to TransCAD% #$ are agencies con(erting teir tra(el models to TransCAD% #$ Con(ert%   Some idel$7'sed older modeling softare are no longer being s'pported 8 a ne modeling platform is re/'ired Limited capabilities in      7 )rapics Memor$ )IS Netor- sie N'mber of TA9s  TransCAD :sers  Tere are man$ states in America tat c'rrentl$ 'se  TransCAD 8 )eograpic Information S$stems  A )IS7based transportation model  Compatible it oter )IS tools  Spatial Anal$sis Arc5ie Sape 3iles 9  TransCAD ;.dbd 3iles #$ TransCAD%         10 A poerf'l modeling softare tat can enance te modeling process #indos7based men's tat are int'iti(e to manip'late A )IS softare it transportation modeling capabilities No internal sie limitations Scenario manager for eas$  Te Transportation Model #at is in(ol(ed it a tra(el demand model% Modeling !rocess Socioeconomic Data  Trip )eneration o man$ trips% oada$ Netor-  Trip Distrib'tion #ere ill te$ go%  Transit Netor- Mode Anal$sis  Tra?c Assignment oada$ 5ol'mes 12 #at mode%  Transit Assignment !erformance eport #at ro'te%  Transit idersip Identif$ needs Alternati(es anal$sis  TransCAD Inp'ts  @as$ to 'nderstand