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Tutorial For Using Hiren Boot Cd 15.1 Iso On Usb Or Hdd - Hiren's Boot Cd - Reboot

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Sign In Create Account P os os t ed ed 1 4 M a r c h 2 0 1 2 - 0 7 : 5 1 A M hason Hi all!! Some people really need using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD, but with one file ISO (500Mb) it too large and get some bug. I make this tutorial for using hiren iso on USB or HDD with grub4dos. Hiren boot cd have some apps: -for dos -for mini windows xp -linux: can use parted magic with only iso file. I. Dos version: Only using apps from dos: It has two methods. Method 1: Boot to DOS version from file iso (like dos.iso) -Open Open file hiren boot cd 15 iso with UltraISO, double click to open HBCD folder. -Delete some folders: +Folder: Programs, XP, pmagic (HBC D\Boo Boott\Pmagic \Pmagic)) -Save as file name Dos.iso ( ( ndex.php?app=core&module=attach§ion=attach&attach app=core&module=attach§ion=attach&attach _id=13273) Image.png (§ion=attach&attach_id=13273) 83.09KB 102 downloads Method 2: Boot to DOS version from file IMA (like disk image, dos.ima) -Extract file dos.gz dos.gz (HBCD\Dos\d (HBCD\Dos\dos.gz) os.gz) -Using 7 zip extract file dos.gz, get file dos.img dos.img -Using WinImage open file dos.img +Image - boot sector properties, click “Save” with any file name (ex. Dos.bin) -Using 7 zip extract file dos.img dos.img in folder (Ex: Hiren) -Open folder Hiren (you make), create a folder name HBCD. -Using 7 zip extract 2 folders: folders: Boot a nd Dos into folder folder HBCD -Open Boot folder (Hiren\HBCD\Boot), delete pmagic folder (you can boot pmagic from ISO file, do not need it), keyboard.bat, pmagic.lst -Now you get Hiren folder with size 52MB. -Using WinImage create new disk image with size 53MB +File – New file – Format Selection – Imported - Select custom image format +Get dialog: Edit FAT image size, Change image size (Total number of sectors) with 109456 +Click OK, save file with any name (dos.ima) -Open Hiren folder, drag and drop all file and folder into new file create with WinImage. Select Yes for dialog -I mage - boot sector properties properties – open open – Select file boot boot sector you saved (dos.bin) – click open – Click OK – Click Save image. II . Using Mini Windows Windows XP with small size: I have two methods 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - Method 1: Get all information from an ISO file at startup. -Using 7zip extract file XP.wim into folder (call XP, I place it partition E, path E:\XP) -Open file startup.cmd (E:\XP\I 386\System32\startup.cmd) w ith notepad. Change some information Original: @echo off title Startup set HBCD=HBCD :a For %%I IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B) DO (dir %%I:\ 1>nul 2>nul && if  /i exist %%I:\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe set HBCD=%%I:&goto k) Change to @echo off title Startup set HBCD=HBCD :a For %%I IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z) DO (If /i Exist "%%I:\Hiren15.iso" se t HBCD=%%I:) imdisk -a -f %HBCD%\Hiren15.iso -m Y: set HBCD=Y: goto k Save file. -Using Gimagex capture file wim. +Soure: Folder path E:\XP (when extract file xp.wim) +Destination: any where (but file name must be XP.WIM) +Compression: maximium +Options: check Boot Select create -Create file ISO: Open Open file hiren boot cd 15 iso with U ltraISO, delete all file and folder except 3 files: X, XP.BIN, XP.wim +Replace file XP.wim (original) with file XP.wim (rebuild) +Save as file name minixp.iso (45MB) -Prepare file iso for startup: +File ISO must name hiren15.iso, place into root directory (for this tutorial). If you want place it into another folder, please chang code for startup.cmd with path to find file iso. If you want change name file iso (hiren15.iso) to another name, please change name in startup.cmd Ex: Change path, and name: place file iso into folder name ISO, change file name to hbcd.iso. Need change code "%%I:\Hiren15.iso" to "%%I:\ISO \hbcd.iso" +Open file hiren boot cd 15 iso with U ltraISO, delete all file and folder, except Folder Programs, X P (only keep XpCustomize.cmd, XpDrvLAN.7z, XpDrvWLAN.7z), file HBCDMenu.cmd. +Save as with name hiren15.iso Note: You can not unplug USB when using Minixp  Method 2: Fast startup, but need more change (test with hard disk has corrupt a partition) 2/10 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD -  Like step 1. But need more change Using 7zip open hiren boot cd iso -Extract 7z.dll, 7z.exe, EasyUHA.exe, uharc.exe (HBCD\Programs\) into E:\XP\I386\System32 \ -Extract 7zip.7z, dll.7z, teracopy.7z, Notepad.7z, XpFiles.7z (HBCD\Programs\Files\) (open it and extract) into E:\XP\I386\System32\ Rename Notepad++.exe to Notepad.exe -Extract IrfanView.7z (HBCD\Programs\Files\) into E:\XP\I386\ -Extract processxp.exe (HBCD\Programs\) into E:\XP\I 386\System32\, rename taskmgr.exe -Open folder XP (E:\XP), create new folder name HBCD and open this folder, create 3 folder name XP, P rograms, Boot. O pen folder Programs and create new folder name Files -Extract files: +XpCustomize.cmd (HBCD\XP\) into E:\XP\HBCD\XP\ + Keyboard.bat (HBCD\Boot\) into E:\XP\HBCD\Boot\ + HBCDMenu.csv,, AutoMountDrives.cmd into E:\XP\HBCD\Programs\ + AutoMoun tDrives.7z (HBCD\Programs\Files\) into E:\XP\HBCD\Programs\Files\ + HBCDMenu.exe into E:\XP\HBCD\ -Change code startup.cmd: Delete all, and add this code @echo off  title Startup set HBCD=HBCD  :a For %%I IN (X) DO (If /i Exist "%%I:\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe" set HBCD=%%I:&goto k) if exist %Temp%\HWPnP.log goto s call pnpbatch all nircmd wait 2000 goto a :s if not %showdh%!==! goto z showdrive /all nircmd wait 2000 set showdh=1 goto a :k call %HBCD%\HBCD\Boot\Keyboard.bat i if exist %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\Wallpaper.bmp REG ADD "HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /f /d %H  BCD%\HBCD\XP\Wallpaper.bmp &RUNDLL32 user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ren %SystemRoot%\System32\prep Startup2.cmd  mkdir "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools" call keyboard %keyboard%>nul for %%z in ("%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu") do copy /y "%USERPRO  FILE%\Desktop\HBCD Menu.lnk" %%z for %%z in ("%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Disk Management.lnk" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Pr  ograms\Devices\Device Manager.lnk") do copy /y %%z "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Admini strative Tools" 3/10 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - (echo @echo off&echo set HBCD=%HBCD%&echo :s&echo setx HBCD %HBCD% -m&echo if not %%1!==! start /D%HBCD%\HBCD\Programs %%*&echo If /i Not Exist "%HBCD%\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe" For %%%%I IN ^(C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z^) DO ^(If /i Exist "%%%%I:\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe" set HBCD  =%%%%I:^&goto s^))>%SystemRoot%\System32\HBCDPX.cmd  start "" /MIN cmd.exe /c Startup2.cmd  :z del %SystemRoot%\System32\nt*krnl*.exe del %SystemDrive%\boot.sdi del /a %SystemDrive%\$wimdesc[/i] [i] Change code file prep (startup2.cmd): open it with notepad Delete all, add this code @echo off title Startup call HBCDPX mkdir "%CommonProgramFiles%" "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Pictures" nircmd shortcut 7zfm.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "File Manager" copy /y %SystemRoot%\System32\icmp.dll %SystemRoot%\System32\dsound.dll copy /y %SystemRoot%\System32\winspool.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\grpconv.exe>%SystemRoot%\System 32\wfwnet.drv nircmd shortcut regedit.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Registry Editor" nircmd shortcut notepad.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Notepad" nircmd shortcut sol.exe "~$folder.programs$\Games" "Solitaire" nircmd shortcut fiverow.exe "~$folder.programs$\Games" "Five in a Row" nircmd shortcut imdisk.cpl "~$folder.programs$" "RamDrive Config" "" shell32.dll "13" nircmd shortcut "%SystemRoot%\i_view32.exe" "~$folder.programs$" "IrfanView Image Editor" nircmd shortcut Shutdown.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Shutdown Timer" "/i" nircmd shortcut nircmd.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Restart Explorer" "killprocess explorer.exe" "% SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" "101" nircmd shortcut explorer.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Windows Explorer" "/e," "%SystemRoot%\explorer .exe" "101" nircmd shortcut nircmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "1024x768" "setdisplay 1024 768 32" "%SystemRoot% \System32\shell32.dll" "181" nircmd shortcut cmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Temp Folder Cleanup" "/c rmdir /s /q %%Temp%%&mkdir  %%Temp%%" shell32.dll 191 nircmd shortcut SetTempDrive.cmd "~$folder.desktop$" "Set Temp Drive" "" "xpsp2res.dll" "800" if exist %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\Drivers\nul penetwork /drvcopy %HBCD%\HBCD\XP\Drivers %SystemRoot% /allc lass nircmd shortcut hiderun.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Internet" "opera.cmd" shell32.dll 512 nircmd shortcut cmd.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Wireless Setup" "/c wireless.cmd" xpsp2res.dll 2026 nircmd shortcut hbcd.cmd "~$folder.desktop$" "Call Hiren ISO" "" shell32.dll "21" nircmd shortcut penetwork.exe "~$folder.desktop$" "Network Setup" 4/10 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - for %%z in (internet wireless network File windows) do copy /y "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\%%z*.lnk" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs" if exist %HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\Files\ERD.7z nircmd shortcut "%HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\ERDComputerMana gement.cmd" "~$folder.programs$\ERD Commander" "Computer Management" "" "%SystemRoot%\System32\d evmgr.dll" "201"&nircmd shortcut "%HBCD%\HBCD\Programs\ERDExplorer.cmd" "~$folder.programs$\ERD Commander" "Explorer" "" "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" "101" nircmd shortcut 24hrLimit.cmd "~$folder.programs$" "Remove 24 Hour Limit of Mini Xp" "" shell32. dll "21" nircmd sysrefresh environment nircmd shellrefresh for %%x in (Open Save) do (echo [%%x]&echo %%xDir=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop)>>%SystemRoot%\i_view32. ini REG ADD HKLM\System\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f for %%x in (C D E F G H I J K) do fltmc attach AccessGainDriver %%x:>nul for %%x in (7-zip teracopy msvbvm60 msi) do regsvr32 /s %%x.dll msiexec /regserver hiderun net.exe start msiserver start "" /MIN /D"%HBCD%\HBCD\XP" XpCustomize.cmd i nircmd shortcut SetPageFile.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Set PageFile (For Low RAM)" "" shell32.dll  "154" start nircmd cmdwait 5000 shortcut taskmgr.exe "~$folder.programs$" "Task Manager" "" "" "" "" " " "ctrl+alt+del" start keybtray.exe hiderun net.exe start spooler del %SystemRoot%\System32\Startup*.cmd&call HBCDPX Change code RestartShell.cmd to set ramsize=30 set rammax=300 for /f %%i in ('FreeRam.exe') do set /a ramsize=%%i*%ramsize%/100 if %ramsize% gtr %rammax% set size=%rammax% imdisk.exe -a -t vm -m B: -s %ramsize%M -p "/fs:NTFS /q /y /v:RamDrive /c" set ramsize=&set rammax= sc create dummy type= kernel start= boot binpath= "system32\drivers\dummy.sys" sc start dummy md B:\Temp set Temp=B:\Temp setx Temp B:\Temp showdrive start /min /wait cmd.exe /c Startup.cmd call HBCDPX.cmd 5/10 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - :r start /wait %1 for %%x in (keybtray automountdrives hbcdmenu) do nircmd closeprocess %%x.exe hiderun nircmd cmdwait 5000 exec min keybtray.exe hiderun nircmd cmdwait 5000 sysrefresh environment goto r Create new file HBCDP.cmd an d place it into E:\XP\I 386\System32\  With code @set HBCD=Y: @setx HBCD Y: -m @if not %1!==! start /DY:\HBCD\Programs %* Create new file hbcd.cmd and place it into E:\XP\I 386\System32\  With code @echo off set HBCD=HBCD :a set HBCD=HBCD For %%I IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO (If /i Exist "%%I:\Hiren15.iso" set HBCD=%%I:&goto s) Exit :s imdisk -a -f %HBCD%\Hiren15.iso -m Y: set HBCD=Y: Start %HBCD%\HBCD\HBCDMenu.exe exit Change code opera.cmd with new code: @echo off 7z x Y:\HBCD\XP\XpDrvLAN.7z -y -o"%SystemRoot%" if exist %TEMP%\PENMDebug.txt goto s reg add HKLM\Software\PENetwork /v CloseAfterStartnet /d 1 /f penetwork nircmd waitprocess penetwork.exe reg delete HKLM\Software\PENetwork /v CloseAfterStartnet /f :s 6/10 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - if exist B:\Temp\HBCD\Opera\Opera.exe start /DB:\Temp\HBCD\Opera Opera.exe %1 if not exist B:\Temp\HBCD\Opera\Opera.exe start /D"Y:\HBCD\Programs" OperaWebBrowser.cmd %* -Using Gimagex capture file wim, with information like Method 1 -Create file ISO: Like Method 1. But you can using file Minixp.iso (create in method 1), replace file xp.wim (old - create in method 1) with xp.wim (new - create in method 2) and save as file name xp.iso (53Mb) -Prepare file ISO like method 1, must name hiren15.iso (for this tutorial) but can change file name and path (like method 1) Note: with method 2 -You can unplug USB after logon to minixp -For use apps on minixp, need run Call Hiren ISO. After extract apps, you can un mount hiren15.iso and unplug U SB Now: Y ou can copy files to USB (hiren15.iso; xp.iso, m inxp.iso, dos.ima, dos.iso) or HDD Note: -Using minixp.iso or xp.iso -Using dos.ima or dos.iso -Using code map / or map –mem / Code menu.lst title Start MiniXP (Using Hiren15.iso for startup) find --set-root --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /Minixp.iso map /Minixp.iso (0xff) map --hook chainloader (0xff)/HBCD/XP/XP.BIN title Start MiniXP (Do not use Hiren15.iso for startup) find --set-root --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /xp.iso map /xp.iso (0xff) map --hook chainloader (0xff)/HBCD/XP/XP.BIN title Hirens BootCD 15.1 for DOS (ISO) find --set-root /dos.iso map /dos.iso (0xff) map --hook root (0xff) chainloader (0xff) title Hirens BootCD 15.1 for DOS (IMA) find --set-root /dos.ima map --mem /dos.ima (fd0) map --hook chainloader (fd0)+1 rootnoverify (fd0) map --floppies=1 7/10 Posted 14 March 2 012 - 03:00 PM sambul61 Some people really need using Hir en boot CD 1 5.1 ISO on USB or HDD I'm not very familiar with Hiren Boot CD. The Tut title says: Using Hiren Boot CD... Could you give some examples, how to use Hiren, not only how to boot it, for dummies like me? What's it for? Would be nice to have typical usage examples separately listed with included apps you suggest for the task. It looks from you pic, its  WinXP based - does it require registration? P os t ed 1 5 M a r c h 2 0 1 2 - 0 2 : 2 3 A M hason using Hi ren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD not like how to use application in Hiren boot CD IF you're not very familiar with Hiren Boot CD  not like every body  Could you give some example -You can get your password OS if you do not remember it. +Using: offline password change for reset password. +Using: Konboot force logon to OS and get password with  Windows Expert Tool get pass 0:00 / 2:23 -You can test memory (RAM) with Memtest86: Only need boot with HBCD, and select Memtest86   ( ( -You can test&fix bad sectors for HDD with HDAT2: Boot with HBCD, select Dos programs - Hard disk tools - HDAT2 4.53 (http://www ( ( It looks from you pic, its WinXP based - does it re quire re gistration? - Portable version, do not re gister, do not install to system!!! But you can get trial version with full control and no problem if you remove it after 30 days trial. P os t ed 1 6 A u g u s t 2 0 1 2 - 0 1 : 1 0 A M hason Some version Hiren boot CD rebuild has working with acronis trueimage 2012 (in Mini windows XP). But an old version for Seagate hard drive cannot work (but it work with orginial version of Hiren boot cd). Because, Acronis Trueimage 2012 and Seagate discwizard (Acronis TIH OEM) use two different snapman driver. I fixed it, and now you can use another acronis product without unpack file xp.wim. I test with Hiren Boot 15.1, it work with Seagate discwizard 11&13. It cannot test with acronis true image for western digital hard drive (I don't have WD hard disk.). If you want it, please pm for me. P os t ed 1 6 A u g u s t 2 0 1 2 - 0 3 : 2 7 P M hason For Windows MiniXP (hiren 1 5.1), download txtsetup.sif &  http://www.mediafire...qncsexybdak0a3n ( http://www.mediafire...taoajmlxdmb6aq6 ( Unpack file xp.wim with Gimagex and replace file txtsetup.sif& If you use Seagate discwizard, need change code im SeagateDiscwizard.cmd http://www.mediafire...btldf8vuz6ckgbc ( Posted 21 October 201 2 - 01:47 A M hason If you have two partition on USB drive and if you want keep your data safe. You need place it into a hidden partition. "If   you h ave a USB ha rd disk (classed as a 'Fixed Disk' by Windows), you will find that Windows can format that disk with multiple primary and logical partitions. However, most USB Flash drives are set as 'Remova ble Drives' w hen shipped by  the USB drive manufacturer. The first sector of a partitioned disk is called the Master Boot Record (MBR). Near the end of this sector a the partition table which can contain up to four primary partition entries. One (and only one) of these table entries can be an Extended Partition entry. An Extended Partition entry points to another Extended Partition table w hich c ontains two entries (a partition entry a nd optionally another Extended Partition entry). I n this w ay it is possible to have more tha n four partitions on a drive. So a partitioned drive can have: 10/26/13 Tutorial For Using Hiren boot CD 15.1 ISO on USB or HDD - Hiren's Boot CD - Up to four Primary Pa rtition entries OR  Up to three Primary Partitions and one Extended partition entry   Windows will only recognise the first primary partition in the partition table on a 'R emovable' storage device such as a USB Flash drive. This means that even if you create a multi-partitioned USB Flash Drive (most of which are set as 'Removable Drives' when shipped by the manufacturer), Windows will not mount the other volumes as drive letters and allow you to access files on them...." (  And if you w ant use only one file I SO (500Mb) ... Y ou need small chang e!! I make small change in Mini Windows Xp, now it can work anywhere. -For extract Hiren boot Cd to hidden partition on USB : Use GimageX uppack file XP.WIM and replace (old). R ebuild file XP.WI M -For boot only one ISO file:  replace file setupreg.hive and startup.cmd ( Method 1: Get all information from an ISO file at startup). Rebuild file XP.WIM and rebuild file ISO (name Hiren15.iso etc - 500Mb) -If you like a small ISO file (Method 1: Get all information from an I SO file at startup.) must have two file Hiren15.iso and Minixp.iso -I f you wan t use all Acronis software, please replace file txtsetup.sif.  All file (, txtsetup.sif) http://www.mediafire...o409c0fgcj6cmtp ( P os t ed 1 3 N ov e m b e r 2 0 1 2 - 0 3 : 4 4 A M hason Hiren Boot Cd 15.2 now can boot from ISO file. Also you do not need change anything!!! Only chang file xp (with notepad) [SetupData] BootDevice="ramdisk(0)" BootPath="i386System32" OsLoadOptions="/fastdetect /minint /rdimageoffset=8192 /rdimagelength=3161088 /rdpath=HBCDXPXP.w im /iso=ISOHiren'sBootCD.iso" change ISOHiren'sBootCD.iso to another path, file name if you like. Back t o Hiren's Boot CD →  Groups →  Project forge →  Hiren's Boot CD 10/10